What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Tent?

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Update: July 17, 2021
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When do tents go on sale during the year?

When buying outdoor gear, especially tents, there's nothing wrong if you are conscious of their price tags. Of course, this is an essential consideration that you have to take into account. Not all of us have equal capabilities when it comes to resources. Some of us have no qualms about buying expensive gear and equipment, while others have to wait for the best deals to come. 

If you are among those who want to "strike while the iron is hot," then knowing when these tents go on sale is essential. Needless to say, there are particular periods of the year when these tents mark down their prices. You should never miss these opportunities, as they can give you high-quality tents without spending big. 

So when should you buy a tent? 

When Do Tents Go On Sale During The Year?

Many are always on the lookout for discounted tents. But at the same time, they don't have the willingness to opt for used tents. You see, used tents are cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. You don't need to wait for any period just so you can get them. They are just there, waiting for their next owner to buy them.

If you have hesitations when it comes to second-hand outdoor gear, then you have no other choice but to get new ones. And you might need to wait for particular periods before you can get them without paying for their original prices. 

Here are the times of the year where you can get tents (and other camping and outdoor equipment) on sale:

During A Season's End

Tents are on sale once their prescribed season is over. For instance, if you are looking for a 4-season tent on clearance, then you should buy them during late winter or early spring. During these periods, manufacturers and stores are trying their best to liquidate and empty their inventories. In this way, they can put new items on their shelves in preparation for the upcoming season,

Of course, the amount that you can save depends on various factors. Some stores tend to cut off large numbers from the price tag so that they can be sold quickly. Others opt to provide special promos such as "buy one, take one" or bundling them with other items and sell them at less the cost if you purchase them separately. 

At this point, it is essential that you are aware of the original prices of these products. You see, there are still outlets that still implement underhanded tricks to fool their customers. For example, they just advertise "clearance sales" or "discounts" on their items but even without marking down the prices. They just fool people by making them think that they have saved money--even if they didn't. Don't let the hype take the rationality away from you. 

Cyber Monday and Black Friday

It is not a secret that a lot of items are on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, if you are just looking for discounted tents, you should wait for the next Black Friday. After all, Cyber Monday is dedicated to electronics, appliances, and gadgets. 

Meanwhile, Black Friday is for everyone. It doesn't matter what kind of item that you want to buy; in this season, you can see them on sale! Tent manufacturers and outlets are no exception when it comes to this "special day." They participate in the sales and the provision of special offers and promotions. 

In fact, some of them give limited-time vouchers that you can use to get free shipping, additional discounts, and other perks that could make your purchase worth your money. It is something that you might want to seize if you want to get the best out of your bucks!

Year-End And Christmas Sale

The market is always alive and blooming during December. It is this month where clearance sales and discounts are scattering left and right. They present you with the right opportunity to get your dream outdoor equipment without breaking your bank account.

Many outdoor manufacturers and stores will also grab this season to attract customers to buy their goods. If you are looking for a discounted brand new tent, you should shop during a Christmas or Year-End Sale. It's a guarantee that you will find affordable, high-quality tents.

Tips In Shopping Tents For Sale

The following methods can help you get the best deals from your favorite tent brands and outdoor outlets:

Get Subscribed

The first ones who can get in the line are those who have prior information that a sale is going to take place. If a particular platform is offering to include you in their mailing list, don't hesitate to do so. While most of their emails are usually for promotions and information dissemination, there are still instances where they announce upcoming sales and special offers to their customers.

Typically, these perks are only given to those individuals who are on their mailing list. If you are an outsider, you would never really know if there's a flash sale going on. Furthermore, you should not worry about subscribing. You always have the option to unsubscribe, especially if you have already acquired the tent that you want.

Hunt For Coupons

There are multiple ways you can get exciting coupons to your preferred stores and retailers:

  • Scout coupon websites - These days, there are a number of coupon sites that are littering on the Internet. Not all of them are legitimate, but there are some that give you secret deals and discounts. You should search diligently to ensure that you can find a valid coupon that you can use upon purchase. Some of the sites that you need to check out are the following: EMS, REI, Cabelas, and Backcountry. 
  • Honey app - If you are using your smartphone to shop for tents and outdoor gear, you should download the application Honey. Honey automatically provides coupons to your purchases. It is a great application to have since it gives you coupons even if you think that there are none available. You can also download Honey on your desktop as an extension plug-in. 

In Summary

It is not shameful if you want to buy your outdoor gear while they are at a discount. Being frugal is essential these days, after all. Items like tents are not actually cheap, especially if you are aiming for those that feature exceptional infrastructure and ergonomics. Hence, if there's an opportunity that you can get them at their marked-down prices, do so.

That's it for now. If you want to know more about tents and other things related to the outdoors, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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