Top-Rated Buyer’s Guide: Best Tent Stakes

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Update: September 14, 2020
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Saying that the best tent stakes are essential is a complete understatement. After all, these are the very components that ensure the stability of your outdoor shelter amidst different terrains and weather conditions. 

It is one of the reasons why I always remind my readers never to take the selection process lightly. If you want pegs that will not disappoint you, you better go for those that have the correct build, size, and design. These things actually determine the performance and quality of a stake when used on the field. 

Speaking of the best, the following list serves as a guide as to the top tent stakes in the market today. 

Best Tent Stakes Review

1. MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit - Editor's Pick

The MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit is one of the most exceptional stakes that you can get right now. Manufactured by MSR, the Groundhog excels in various staking applications. They are useful in various terrains and capable of holding different tent shapes and sizes. 

These stakes are made from 7000-series aluminum, which is rated to be tough and durable. The material is lightweight, too; each of the stakes is only 0.46 ounces. Among the stakes today, these aluminum stakes are considered to be among the lightest. 

The Y-beam design of the Groundhog enables it to have impressive holding power. It can be buried to the ground without the worry that it will be shaky or unstable. It produces a firm grip underneath, which is needed for the stability of every tent. 

Meanwhile, the stakes have reflective pull loops on them. These loops allow you to retrieve the stakes from its tight hold without any difficulties. 


  • Made from a special-grade aluminum
  • Lightweight and rugged at the same time
  • Generates reliable holding power
  • Penetrates the ground easily
  • Enables quick removal


  • The notch on the head is somewhat shallow

2. SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs - Runner-Up

The SE Heavy-Duty Tent Pegs are also a great choice for tent pegs. When it comes to durability, these heavy duty stakes are arguably second to none. After all, they are constructed from galvanized steel, which is both sturdy and impervious to rust and corrosion.

As nail stakes, you can guarantee that the piercing power of these stakes is astounding. It is not difficult for you to bury them as deeply as you want. They have a length of approximately 10 inches, which is long enough to ensure a stable hold. 

Again, let me emphasize that these tent stakes are extremely tough. Even if you hammer them strongly, the steel will not deform or bend. It is extremely useful whenever you are dealing with hard grounds. 

The SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs have PVC stoppers on their head. They are the ones that prevent the tents from being buried fully. The stoppers have holes on them where you can attach your ropes or guylines. 


  • Extremely rugged tent stake
  • Resistant to the external elements
  • Can break and pierce hard surfaces
  • Extra length for additional holding power
  • Usable in other staking applications


  • Not totally prone to movements

3. SOLEADER Tent Stakes

I can say that the SOLEADER Tent Stakes are not as popular as other tent stakes in the market. But when it comes to affordability and performance, these stakes are there to prove that they can be trusted, too. 

By all means, the SOLEADER tent stakes are made to withstand different external conditions and terrains. They are tailored from a special grade aluminum that is not prone to deforming and bending. The stakes have Y-beam design, which is capable of providing a firm hold to the ground. Their tips are slightly blunt so that you can use them in dealing with hard surfaces. 

These stakes are 9-inch long. They are particularly longer than the conventional six to seven-inch stakes that you can see in the market today. Moreover, they have stark paint that prevents you from losing them in the area. 

Keep in mind that these tent stakes are made from 7075 aluminum alloy. They are lightweight but possess impressive tensile strength and resistance to wear. 


  • Generates sufficient holding power
  • Guaranteed to be tough and durable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Highly visible 
  • Sharp tip design for better penetrating capability


  • Not fully heavy duty

4. MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes - Premium Tent

MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes - Package of 4
  • Constructed of lightweight 7000-series aluminum, the Cyclone stakes offer strength and holding power in a wide range of conditions
  • A reflective pull loop allows for easy removal

The MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes are among the most innovative tent stakes that exist today. Despite having minimal surface area, these stakes are still capable of providing an immovable holding power. The stakes have a spiral design on their body, enabling them to hold the ground without extra movements. 

The spiral design of the stakes, plus their sharp tips, ensure that you can drive them to the ground without any problem. Of course, these stakes are durable, too. They are not flimsy and will never get deformed easily. The stakes are crafted from 7000-series aluminum, by the way. 

These tent pegs are long, too. With a length of 9.5 inches, you can drive them beneath the ground until such time they are immovable already. They have reflective pull loops. There's no need for you to struggle in pulling them away from their placement. 

Overall, these stakes are definitely useful in various staking applications. You can use them on your tarps, canopies, and tents. They are also great when camping on soft grounds. 


  • Ensures a stable holding power
  • Highly durable construction
  • Resistant to any deformities
  • Applicable to different staking applications
  • Can be driven into hard grounds


  • Slightly heavy

5. Vargo Titanium Shepherd's Hook Stake

If you want a simple stake kit that you can use in your camping and picnic trips, the Vargo Titanium Shepherd's Hooks are definitely an awesome choice. 

The stakes are made from highly durable titanium material. Of course, it is rated that titanium is both stronger and lighter than aluminum. Hence, the construction of these shepherd's hooks is definitely not shabby. They are even tougher than other V-stakes or Y-stakes out there. 

Using these stakes would not make you regret anything. It allows tight and secure attachment to ropes and guylines. Moreover, it has a fluorescent painted head so that it can be reflective during the night. You will never lose it during your trip. 

Each of the stakes is around six inches. They are not as lengthy as other stakes, but it is not bad already. You can still use these on terrains where the grounds are quite forgiving. 


  • Ensures that your ropes or guylines can be tied tightly
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Features a reflective orange paint for maximum visibility
  • Provides a decent holding power
  • Doesn't rust or corrode


  • They are slightly thinner than expected

How To Choose The Best Tent Stakes

When camping with tents and tarps, it is crucial that you bring high-quality stakes. Sure enough, the tents that you purchased may come with default stakes.

But sometimes, these pegs may not meet your expectations. From time to time, we see and hear people complain that the default stakes of their tents are too short or too brittle. It is one of the reasons why seasoned outdoor goers opt to secure extra stake kits. They wouldn't want to get disappointed on the field, after all. 

Now, there are numerous tent stakes that are littering on the market today. Honestly, you are free to choose whatever you want. But choosing without thinking is like committing your money to something useless. I know that these stakes are inexpensive. However, this should not mean that you'll be too careless. 

You have to be specific when it comes to selecting the ideal tent stakes for you. The following guide should help you do that. 

Type of Stakes

Utility Stake - One can say that a stake is a utility stake if it is made of plastic or something that is not metal. You can't expect that they have the finest quality out there, but they are useful when you are camping on slightly soft grounds. Because of their not-so-rigid construction, driving them on hard surfaces would really be a difficult task. 

Another advantage of these utility stakes is their weight. By all means, plastic is a lightweight material. It won't add extra load to your pack.

  • Shepherd Hook - The shepherd hook is a stake that resembles the staff being used by herdsmen. Their head features a large hook that serves as the platform where you can attach ropes and guylines. The stability of these shepherd hooks may not be great, especially that they typically have rounded bodies. They are still susceptible to movement, especially if they are not secured tightly. 

But unlike utility stakes, shepherd hooks are made from steel or aluminum. They are downright durable and feature sufficient length so that you can drive them to the ground. 

  • V-Stake - The durability of the V-stake is way better than a shepherd hook or a utility stake. It has a broad body, which enables sufficient dispersion of shock whenever you hammer them to the ground. These stakes are versatile, as they can be used in different soil types. You can anchor them on snow and sand. They excel in hard grounds, too. 

V-stakes have a notch below their head. It is there where you can attach the guylines. Some V-stakes have holes on their heads instead of notches for more tautness and holding power. 

  • Y-Stake - Y-stakes is the real all-rounder here. It doesn't matter if the terrain is soft or hard; you can expect that these stakes can pierce them through and provide an anchor for your tents and tarps. The stability of Y-stakes is truly impressive. Their triple beam design makes them impervious to extra movements when they are buried. They are difficult to deform, too. 

These Y-stakes are slightly heavier than other types of stakes. But that's completely understandable. After all, their bodies are extra weighted for additional strength. They are great for rigorous camping applications. 

  • Nail Stake - Arguably, the nail stake is the toughest stake that exists today. Most of these stakes are derived from galvanized steel or titanium. They are not only sturdy but have high resistance against chemical damages like corrosion and rust. They have excellent piercing capability, thanks to their sharp tips. In fact, their name is taken from the fact that they look like nails. 

These nail stakes have PVC heads. They are used as stoppers so that the stakes won't be fully buried to the ground. The head also serves as a platform so that you can hammer the stakes easily. 

  • Snow Stake - Snow stakes are optional stakes, especially for those people who don't usually go to snowy or icy expeditions. But for individuals that love winter hiking, these snow stakes are incredibly crucial. They are the ones that can provide the utmost stability to your tents when you set them on snow. They are broad and have holes in their body so that they can freeze in place. 

Keep in mind that snow stakes are also useful in beaches since the sand there is loose. 


The kind of material used in the construction of the stake is an essential factor in the selection process. It is something that you would need to be really specific. As early as now, you have to depart from plastic and wooden stakes. They are too flimsy for any applications, especially if the surface is too stiff. 

  • Aluminum is considered as the staple material used in manufacturing stakes. They are durable and lightweight, making them extremely useful in various outdoor trips. 
  • You can also go for titanium stakes. When it comes to durability and rigidity, they are far better than aluminum. Stakes that are made from titanium are not only tough; they are also lightweight. Interestingly, many rated titanium stakes to be lighter than aluminum. Based on my experience using them, such claims are somewhat true. 
  • Carbon fiber stakes are not easy to find. But they are definitely worth acquiring. They are extremely rugged and sturdy. They are impervious to damages without being too heavy. Keep in mind that carbon fiber stakes are expensive. 
  • Steel stakes are also among the options that you have here. These stakes are commonly used in the making of nail stakes, as they simply go along together. They are not lightweight, too, but they quite excel in penetrating power. 

Surface Area

The surface area of the stake is another aspect that you need to look upon. You see, the bigger or wider the body of the stake is, the more holding power it can provide. 

It is for this reason as to why V-stakes and Y-stakes are exceptionally stable when you latch them beneath the surface. It is difficult to move them because it would require a certain amount of force before they can be nudged.  

Tiny stakes may not have this kind of capability. But at the same time, simple solutions were made by some manufacturers to counter this problem. Some nail stakes have ribbed bodies. The ribs provide a certain degree of traction so that the stakes will not move easily. 

Meanwhile, some stakes were made to have a spiral design. Now, this is pretty interesting as they compensated their lack of surface area by twirling the stakes. Instead of directly driving them to the ground, you have to rotate the stakes--just like what you do in your screws. 

Tips In Using The Best Tent Stakes

It is not enough that you have high-quality tent stakes. As an outdoor enthusiast, it is your responsibility to learn how to use them properly. Fortunately, tent stakes are not that difficult to use. Here are some additional tips that would help you maximize their performance. 

  • If your tent stakes don't have loops or cords on their head, install one. They are essential so that you can pull the stakes to the ground easily. It would be great if the cord you attach has a bright color, as it will allow you to see the stakes when they are surrounded by grass.
  • You can also use a tensioner on each of the guy lines so that you can have efficient tightening of the lines around the stake. 
  • I recommend that before you set your stakes, you have to clear the ground first. If there is unnecessary debris such as leaves and stones, take them out. They might prevent you from tightening your stakes properly. 
  • The best way to drive a stake is to bury them in an angle where the head is pointing away from the tent. When the angle between the stake and the line is 90 degrees, you can guarantee that your tent has been anchored strongly. 


The best tent stakes are an essential amenity in each of your camping trips. They are as important as your tent, as they are the ones that secure them in the first place. They are a valuable tool to ensure the convenience of your outdoor adventures. 

I hope that you learned something from this guide. For other questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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