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Update: July 17, 2021
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The best storage tents are designed to ensure that all of your outdoor equipment has shelter against the elements. They are useful in different applications. You can pitch them within your property, or you can bring them to your trips on the beach or camping grounds. 

Aside from your regular tools and equipment, these storage tents can house people, too. Unlike standard tents, they offer sufficient headroom and area for you to stand and move around. They are an ideal place to lounge and relax.

Here are some of the top options when it comes to these particular tents. 

5 Best Storage Tents

 Floor Area Peak Height
ABCCANOPY Outdoor Pop Up Canopy 64 square feet6.16 feet
H&ZT Large Bike Storage Shed Tent 25 square feet5.25 feet
ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box Outdoor Storage Shed 62.4 square feet7.11 feet
ShelterLogic AutoShelter Instant Garage 146 square feet8 feet
AFLIFLI Cover Storage Tent 17 square feet5.08 feet

1. ABCCANOPY Outdoor Pop Up Canopy


The ABCCANOPY Outdoor Pop Up Canopy is a wonderful outdoor amenity. It provides sufficient protection against the elements. The canopy has an anti-UV treatment so that it can defend you against the harmful damages of the sun. The fabric is also water and flame-resistant. Meanwhile, its frame is tailored from powder-coated steel for maximum rigidity and stability. 

Its base floor has a size of 64 square feet, while it has a height of more than six feet. You can guarantee that it's spacious enough to shelter a crowd together with their items. There are also mesh pockets on its panel where you can store your small things such as cellphones, water bottles, and towels. Since this tent has a storage bag with wheels, transporting it from one place to another is a convenient task.


  • Floor area - 64 square feet
  • Vertical height - 6.16 feet
  • Canopy material - Oxford fabric
  • Frame material - Powder-coated steel
  • Weight - 20.3 pounds
  • Storage bag - Available

2. H&ZT Large Bike Storage Shed Tent


You will also love to check the H&ZT Large Bike Storage Shed Tent. This is a multi-purpose tent that enables you to stash your personal items such as bikes, gardening and garage tools, and other utilities that you want to store. In fact, you can also use it as a camping outlet, which makes it extremely versatile. The tent is also protective, as it is fully waterproof. It has a large door that zips fully so that the elements can't pass through. No dirt or moisture can compromise your items. 

This storage tent has a floor size of 25 square feet and a height of 5.25 feet. It is not as large as your standard canopy tents, but it is spacious enough to fit two bikes with extra room to spare. It features an integrated floor, too, which helps it accommodate hard-to-store stuff. Moreover, it has a hassle-free assembly. Stability-wise, you'll not regret anything from this tent. 


  • Floor area - 25 square feet
  • Vertical height - 5.25 feet
  • Canopy material - Polyester
  • Frame material - Aluminum
  • Weight - 5.15 pounds
  • Storage bag - Available

3. ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box Outdoor Storage Shed


The ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed is one of the finest choices that you have for portable outdoor storage. This tent is crafted from high-quality materials; its frame is made from high-grade steel, while its canopy is made from heavy-duty fabric. The frame has a Dupont powder-coated finish so that it would remain impervious from rust, corrosion, peeling, and cheeping. 

The canopy of this tent features a triple-layer ripstop construction. It does not only resist water and snow, but it can also defend against harmful UV rays. Moreover, the canopy extends downward, ensuring that all your stashed items are protected from the elements. This storage tent also has an impressive tensioning system, ensuring that the tent remains tight and wind-resistant. 


  • Floor area - 62.41 square feet
  • Vertical height - 7.11 feet
  • Canopy material - Polyethylene
  • Frame material - Steel
  • Weight - 79.1 pounds
  • Storage bag - Available

4. ShelterLogic AutoShelter Instant Garage


I have no qualms that the ShelterLogic AutoShelter Instant Garage is an optimal solution for everyone's compact storage needs. This one boasts an all-metal steel frame that has a thickness of around 1-3/8 inches. It has been powder-coated to ensure that no elements can deteriorate its body. Meanwhile, the proprietary ShelterLock stabilizers further increase the stability of the tent when pitched. It can withstand harsh atmospheric conditions without compromising your stored items. 

Similar to the first ShelterLogic tent, this tent also includes a Ratchet tensioning system. In this way, the canopy molds tightly with the frame. It also improves the neatness of the tent. Interestingly, the interior of the tent has UV treatment. Aside from that, faded blockers were also applied to its construction so that the entire tent can endure the outdoor setting even on extended use. 


  • Floor area - 146 square feet
  • Vertical height - 8 feet
  • Canopy material - Polyethylene
  • Frame material - Steel
  • Weight - 109 pounds
  • Storage bag - None

5. AFLIFLI Cover Storage Tent


It's a good thing if you consider checking this tent out. Even if it is a compact storage tent, its construction is still superb. It has a triple-layer canopy that is both waterproof and UV-resistant. The fabric's paint doesn't fade, and it remains taut even if you use the tent regularly. The AFLIFLI Cover Storage Tent also has a large door with full zipper closure for a guaranteed seal. Such a design protects your items from dust, water, and even pests. 

Meanwhile, the storage space of this tent is pretty decent. It can fit two large bikes, pool floats, and other outdoor supplies. You can make it as an extension of your garage, especially if the latter is already full. Installation of the tent is relatively easy. All the tools required for its assembly are already present. Moreover, it requires no skills to pitch this tent up. Impressively, this storage tent has a vent that prevents internal condensation.


  • Floor area - 17 square feet
  • Vertical height - 5.08 feet
  • Canopy material - Oxford cloth
  • Frame material - Fiberglass
  • Weight - 5.1 pounds
  • Storage bag - None

Benefits Of Having The Best Storage Tents

Not all people would ever prioritize buying a storage tent. In fact, it is not a surprise that you wouldn't even think about this particular amenity. But the thing is, having this tent gives you extra flexibility when it comes to storage space. 

Surely, a lot of you have garages already at your property. That's a good thing. However, there will come the point where your garage becomes full of various stuff. Once that happens, you would need additional storage. Extending your garage is a viable option to do. But it can get expensive, and if you are not prepared for that financially, you have to think twice.

Storage tents give you a pleasant alternative for storage problems in your home. Basically, they are portable spaces where you can store your belongings without any worries that they will get lost, damaged, or disorganized.

Furthermore, keep in mind that storage tents are also usable in outdoor applications. You can bring one if on the beach or any campground of your choice. You can use these tents as a temporary shelter for your equipment, tools, and other utilities. You will no longer have to sacrifice the living space of your "standard" tent for your items if you have a storage tent with you. 

But of course, you have to keep in mind that bringing a storage tent in your adventures will require enough preparation. Specifically, you have to plan on how you are going to transport it. After all, some storage tents are bulky, even if they are packed already. You might need to haul them to a vehicle. If you have none, you might experience difficulties taking them with you. 

How To Choose The Best Storage Tents

There are some basic guidelines for buying a storage tent. Better check the following considerations so that you can find the right tent for you.

Canopy / Cover Material

One of the striking features of storage tents is the durability of their canopies or covers. Since their intended application is to house and protect any item that you store in them, they are usually designed to be sturdy and rugged. The material of choice for these tents should be thick. Some even have multi-layer construction to further improve their structural integrity. 

Tautness in the material should also be a primary consideration. After all, you don't want the tent to become loose whenever the weather is cloudy and windy. You should also opt for those tents that have protective treatment on their canopies. In this way, you'll have the certainty that it would fail against the elements.

Frame Construction

You have to keep in mind that storage tents require strong frames. These are the components that support the entire tent's body. Just imagine if the storage tent has a wobbly frame. You can't expect that it will last longer, especially if the weather is unfavorable. Furthermore, flimsy frames are susceptible to bents and dents. You wouldn't want to rely on them when it comes to protecting your stuff. 

Ideally, you should pick storage tents that feature steel frames. The thicker, the better. They are the ones that can guarantee stability and rigidness once they are erect. Fiberglass and aluminum frames are acceptable. However, they are not suitable for harsh terrains or conditions. 


Of course, there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to tents, regardless of their type. It doesn't make sense if you think that a big tent is what you need if your storage needs are just small. Oppositely, you should never pick a compact tent if you are planning to stash multiple items on it. In a nutshell, the ideal floor size for a tent depends on your requirements and preferences. 

You should also consider the vertical height of the tent. It's quite favorable if you have a taller storage tent, especially if you want to store longer or taller items. A 5-foot tall storage tent is a good starting point. 

In Summary

Whenever you lack space where you can stash your stuff and items, always remember that you can get the best storage tents. They are a convenient and inexpensive solution to your storage problems. Given the fact that you can't bring your garage anywhere that you want, these storage tents are indeed heaven-sent. 

That's it for now. If you have inquiries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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