Top-Rated Buyer’s Guide: Best Cabin Tents

Rilor Staff
Update: September 7, 2020
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The best cabin tents present as one of the soundest options for an outdoor shelter. One of their perks is their absolute livability, considering that they are not too stingy to space. 

Of course, if your desire is to ensure that you can have a convenient time doing some picnics and other leisure, getting these cabin tents is a must. In this guide, I will give you a rundown of the top-rated cabins and a guideline on how you can choose the right tent

A Review Of The Best Cabin Tents

1. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - Editor's Pick

As a premium outdoor gear, the CORE 9-Person Cabin Tent solidifies what a cabin tent should be. It is highly livable, durable, and worth its value. 

This particular tent is genuinely alluring, especially if you are going to its ergonomics. It can accommodate up to nine individuals, but it will never get cramped even if you put your items inside. 

The tent is rated to fit up to two queen mattresses conveniently. If you are not amazed by that feat, I don't know what will. 

The setup of this tent is downright easy, too. Most of the parts are pre-assembled and attached to the main body of the tent. All you need to do is to find a good place to pitch it, and you are good to go.

This particular unit also features the proprietary H20 Block Technology of CORE. This means that its flooring is entirely seamless so that water and other nasty elements can't come inside. 

Meanwhile, this tent is also littered with storage pockets on its walls for optimal item organization. Dividers are also present to keep your privacy in check. 


  • Materials and construction are brimming with durability
  • Includes stakes, rainfly, and guylines
  • Features an adjustable ground vent
  • Highly accessible entry and exit points
  • Comes with a proficient ventilation system


  • Relatively heavy

2. Marmot Orbit 4P Tent - Runner-Up

Marmot Orbit 4P Tent
  • Gigantic canopy front porch with removable vestibule and awning door creates a large protected area just outside your tent for extra gear storage or retreat from heavy rain
  • Super-sized double door
  • Color-coded poles and clips make tent easy to pitch
  • Seam-taped, weatherproof full-coverage fly with vents
  • Lampshade pocket securely holds your headlamp to provide ambient light; headlamp not included

It can be said that the Marmot Orbit 4P Tent is at the pinnacle of a heavy-duty cabin tent. If you are planning to camp on challenging terrains and conditions, you should seriously check this unit out.

Just like the first tent, the Orbit is a free-standing tent that features a quick and hassle-free setup. It makes a perfect shelter for conditions where the unexpected can happen anytime. 

As a four-person tent, I can say that this one is pretty spacious. It has a decent room allowance so that you and your party wouldn't feel too stuck. 

It can also hold various items inside. It has a plethora of interior pockets for your small valuables, such as a survival knife or flashlight.

One of the most notable features of the Marmot Orbit 4P Tent is its expansive canopy porch on its front. It is also coupled with a removable vestibule and an awning door. The combination of these components enables the tent to create a protective on its outside, which you can use for your gear storage.

Of course, I can vouch to the accessibility of this tent. It comes with a large double door so that you can freely come and leave without any hassle. 


  • Comes with a full-coverage rainfly with extra vents
  • Poles and clips are color-coded for easier pitching
  • Floor is fully seamless and reinforced
  • Includes a large vestibule
  • Durable construction; built to last long


  • Requires additional stakes for better stability

3. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent - Budget-Friendly Pick

The value of the Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent is truly impeccable. For an 8-person tent, this model is definitely worth-grabbing already.

The specifications of this tent are ideal for leisure and recreational camping. But you can also take this on some backpacking trips if you desire to. After all, it is undeniable that this tent has a rugged build. 

The interior space of Elite Montana is exceptionally generous. With a height of six feet, moving and standing inside wouldn't be a problem, It can also fit three queen mattresses if you want extra comfort overnight. 

Keep in mind that this tent is not a pop-up. Hence, there's a need for you to pitch it manually. Specifically, the average pitching time of this tent is 15 minutes or less.

Meanwhile, the large door of this tent has a hinge design. Such an innovative design was intended for quick entry and exit. A door awning is also present to provide an extra space of shelter and storage. 

The poles of this tent are completely sturdy and durable. I thought they were flimsy, but upon testing, I deemed that they can hold pretty well.

It also features the WeatherTec System that guarantees that the interiors will remain dry and free from the external elements. 


  • Interior comes with six built-in LED lights for continuous illumination
  • The fabric used on the tent is unquestionably rugged
  • Includes an awning for added storage and shelter space
  • Installation mechanism is quite ergonomic
  • Features welded floor and inverted seams


  • It is a heavy
  • Extensive pitching time

4. NEMO Wagontop 8-Person Tent - Premium Pick

NEMO Wagontop 8 Tent
  • Single-wall construction and 4 poles keep the pieces to a minimum and setup simple
  • Refinements for the 2020 season include easier-to-use hardware for the side windows, custom hubs and even more durable floors
  • Unique frame design allows for standing height throughout nearly the entire interior space, making walking in and out easy
  • Updated self-contained pole hubs increase stability, simplify setup and create a sleek, streamlined appearance
  • Massive screened panoramic windows open and close easily from the interior, providing optimal ventilation, views and weather protection

I am quite sure that most of you haven't heard of NEMO yet. But if you are deeply rooted in the outdoor and camping community, you might have encountered it already. 

Of course, I am agreeable that this manufacturer is not as famous as Ozark, Marmot, Coleman, and other notable outdoor brands. However, you should trust me when I say that the tents that NEMO makes are truly one-of-a-kind. 

The NEMO Wagontop is a living testament to that. This premium cabin tent is stacked with various ergonomics and features that prove its worth and value. 

This tent is designed for luxurious camping. It has a simple setup, as represented by its 4-pole structure. Despite this, the tent remains durable and stable. 

The construction is quite rugged. The floor is seamless and reinforced so that it can be pitched on any surface. Not only that, but the frame of the tent also maximizes its space so that internal mobility is not hampered. 

Furthermore, the self-contained pole hub of the Wagontop elevates its stability and simplicity in assembly. It is one of the reasons why the tent is sleek-looking. 

The tent also comes with its own vestibule space for your outdoor gears and other items. 


  • Floor fabric is made from 300-denier PU-coated polyester
  • Stacked with numerous pockets, lofts, and loops
  • Innovative, self-contained pole hubs from streamlined setup
  • Features a panoramic meshed windows 
  • Comes with a spacious and well-protected vestibule


  • A little expensive

5. Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome Tent is a fine cabin tent for solo or two-person camping. It has a compact yet durable construction that makes it a great choice for lightweight trips. 

The tent is available in a 6-person model, too, so if you are with your family and friends, you can still opt for the Sundome. 

Among the key features of this tent is its weatherproof design. Specifically, it features welded corners for additional stability and reinforcement. It seams are inverted so that water will not seep in.

To make things better, it also comes with a broad rainfly so that you are fully protected against the heat of the sun or sudden downpours. In fact, the frame of this tent is capable of withstanding winds of up to 35 mph, and that's an impressive feat already. 

Moreover, the Coleman Sundome boasts exceptional ventilation. Aside from the large windows, the tent also features ground vents that enable better airflow. 

Interestingly, this tent features E-Port technology. With this feature, bringing electrical components inside the tent is quite possible. It is a perfect amenity if you are just a car or trailer camping.


  • Still features the WeatherTec System of Coleman
  • Optimized ventilation to fend off hot temperatures
  • Includes a myriad of storage pockets
  • Comes with a full-coverage rainfly
  • Frame and pole construction is quite impressive


  • Not suitable for camping in cold conditions 

Considerations In Buying The Best Cabin Tent

A cabin tent has a lot of purposes. They can serve both leisure and wilderness camping, especially if you got a rugged and heavy-duty unit. 

One of the great features of a cabin tent is their obvious livability. Even the smaller models have maximized their living space so that your users can have elbow room to move. 

There's a myriad of reasons why a cabin tent is an excellent investment. But then again, everything will be jeopardized if you are too careless in selecting. 

Hence, it is crucial that you are aware of the considerations in selecting a cabin tent. Here are some of the fundamental guidelines that every cabin tent hunter should know. 


One of the qualifications that you should keep in mind when choosing the tent is its build. Specifically, you should ask yourself: what is the material that a tent is tailored to? 

Well, there are many options out there. Canvas is the most common, as it has been the traditional material used in many tents. In fact, it is not surprising anymore if you have experienced using a tent made out of a canvas. 

I know that some cabin tents are not made durable, considering that they are only made for leisure. But this doesn't mean that you can shrug off the kind of build that it has. 

This time, you should go with synthetic materials with additional reinforcements and stitching. You don't want the tent to be prone and exposed to various weather conditions. 

Tents made from synthetic nylon are already a good start. The higher the denier rating, the more durable and sturdy the tent becomes. 

For ultralight tents, expect that you can see units made from the combination of silicon and nylon and military-grade fabric. 


There's no correct sizing when it comes to tents. Every tent out there is designed to cater to a particular number of users.

Cabin tents are known for their space and roominess. That's why they are a good choice for those who are planning to camp with their family and friends. 

Keep in mind that those 8-person tents, 10-person tents, or 12-person tents have the cabin design. They work just like the standard cabins that you use for vacations and getaways. 

But sure enough, you can still find cabin tents that only accommodate two to four individuals. They are your optimal choice for lightweight and hassle-free trekking or hiking adventures. 

Weather Resistance

Cabin tents are often used for recreational purposes. All of us are quite aware of that. 

But sometimes, the weather is not always on our side. Even if you have already checked the forecasts, there's still a good chance that Mother Nature will play games at you. 

Of course, that's completely natural now. Rainstorms and blazing heat can deliberately affect your camping experience. 

At this point, you have to realize that the tent doesn't have ceilings to protect you from extreme weather conditions. A broad rainfly should help you weather off these factors. 

Also, to mitigate the external elements, your tent should come with solid and seamless flooring. Meanwhile, the cabin tent should feature accessible windows and doors with no-see-um mesh for added ventilation and dust defense. 

Additional Perks And Accessories

In choosing the best cabin tent, it is important that you have to mind the ergonomics. If you are taking livability as a factor, then the tent should not just act as a tent; it should function as a comfortable shelter. 

So how can you ensure this? 

Well, you have to check if there are organizational compartments and pockets in the interior of the tent. You don't want your camping tents to get lost in the fray. 

Lofts are also useful as storage spaces for your items. It would also be great if there are loops where you can hang small items and clothing. 

For those who are gunning for large tents, make sure that the tent has room dividers. Privacy and room division are still essential even while you are camping. 

I do recommend that you get vestibules as well. They are useful in an external storage space for your boots and other outdoor equipment. 

Other Essentials For Cabin Tents

  • Additional stakes and anchors for extra stability in rough conditions
  • Guylines for added support
  • Ground cloth for comfort 
  • Tent repair kits
  • Small or mini shovels
  • Dustpan and broom for easier clean-up


There you have it. I believe that you already have a grasp as to how these cabin tents should work and function. 

Of course, it is vital that you are well-aware of how to choose one. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money on something shabby and disappointing.

The tents that I featured here are considered to be among the best cabin tents in the market today. While it is true that you have other choices to opt with, you'll never regret it if you are going to start with the tents listed here. 

That's it for now. If you have other questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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