These Are The 7 Most Overlooked Camping Items And Supplies

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Update: April 18, 2023
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We all know that camping requires the utmost preparation, especially when it comes to your camping gear. However, there are specific important camping items that are often overlooked. Read on to learn to know these things.

A Quick Overview

Rilor Wilderness has numerous guides and checklists for camping. We even have a separate checklist for the food and cookware, as well as a comprehensive checklist for families who want to camp. Of course, we have made a guide, too, on how you can organize your gear and a tutorial on how you can survive animal attacks while in the wild.

So at this point, we would like to assume that all outdoor enthusiasts who read our blog know a thing or two about being prepared for their trips. But more often than not, there are some camping items that are forgotten and overlooked. For whatever reason, people forget some specific items that could actually improve the success of your outdoor adventure. And in fact, this incident happens even to the most experienced campers.

Of course, we can't really get mad if you leave these items, especially if it is not on purpose. However, it would really be great if you put the following items on your checklist so that you won't skip them on your next camping trip. Do you want to know what these supplies are? Read on. 

Most Overlooked Camping Items And Supplies

Here's a list of camping supplies that campers tend to overlook and forget. We also included the reasons why they should be a part of your camping essentials. 

Duct Tape

Surprise! One of the most important things that you should bring on your next camping trip is duct tape. You read it right. That's duct tape. 

You see, duct tape might not be the first thing that comes into your mind when it comes to camping essentials. After all, who would think of duct tape, anyway? But you see, duct tape is as important as a survival knife or a tent repair kit

Well, it is because it is a tool required for repairing tents and damaged poles. It can also be used as a make-shift cover for torn backpacks and other important fabrics. At the same time, duct tape can be used as a form of a bandage, which is quite a useful addition to your first aid kits. 

Duct tapes are essentially a survival tool; it is simple, yet they can do a lot of things--from conducting field repairs to responding to various emergencies that you can encounter along the way. 

Water Container

I know that we keep on emphasizing the importance of water and nourishment in every outdoor trip. Needless to say, exploring the outdoors requires some substantial form of energy, which you can attain by being able to feed yourself with food and water. 

Despite this, a number of campers tend to overlook the importance of these water containers. Sure, your campsite may have some sort of water supply and related amenities. But still, it would be prudent that you have your own source of water. 

Water bottles, water butts, and canteens can be your water container. They can let you drink water whenever you need to, especially if you are on the move. 

And if you encounter a water source during the day, you better have a portable water filter, too. In this way, you can drink from those water sources as safely as possible. 

Fire Starters

How confident are you with your fire-making skills? Can you create fire even without the assistance of modern fire-starting tools such as fire starters, Ferro rods, and matches? 

If you can't answer yes to any of these questions, then you shouldn't overlook these fire starters. These items are essential in making fire wherever you are. Campfires are pivotal since they can let you do a number of things, such as warming yourself, cooking food, or calling the attention of rescuers. 

When choosing fire starters, make sure that they are waterproof so that you can still use them even after they get wet. At the same time, they should be able to hold fire for a given period. Ease-of-use does matter here since you will never know what situation you are going to need them immediately.

When making fire, make sure that you practice the guidelines stated in the Leave No Trace principles. You don't want to be the cause of forest fires, right?


The modern world runs on electricity and power. Whether you agree with that or not, you can't argue the fact that power is an integral aspect of our daily lives--unless you are a prepper or a nomad who decided to discard the modern way of living. 

For camping, many pieces of equipment actually run on them. An example would be headlamps, flashlights, and electric lanterns. Your radios and smartphones also run on batteries. 

The thing here is that you don't actually know if your campsite offers charging stations. It would be better if you ask the camp management if this particular amenity is being offered so that you can prepare. Otherwise, you would need to bring extra reserves of batteries and portable power banks. 

You see, the health of the battery is affected by temperature. Extreme heat or cold could cause the batteries of your devices carefully to drain quickly.

In fact, some campers often decide to bring power stations, especially if they are capable of doing so. If not, then just bring batteries. 

First Aid Kit

I've heard a lot of people say that they are always prepared for their trip. But when you ask them about first aid and first aid kits, they would immediately become speechless. 

A first aid kit is an important aspect of any outdoor trip. The reason for this is that injuries and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, even on moments and trips that you don't expect them to be. 

Make sure that the first aid kit contains all the essential tools for responding to basic injuries, such as wounds, splinters, and fractures. 

Also, don't forget your important prescriptions and medications. You may have special conditions that require you to take certain drugs on a regular basis. 

Furthermore, we recommend that you learn and practice basic first aid. What is the point of having a first aid kit if you don't know how to use its content? That's an integral part of your camping and outdoor preparation. 

Means Of Communication

They said that camping and other outdoor adventures are excellent ways of cutting yourself from the modern world. Figuratively, that's true. After all, the wilderness offers a great escape from the mundane things that you are doing.

However, this doesn't mean that you don't have to cease all forms of communication, especially if you still have plans to return to your home. 

Every time you go on a camping trip, make sure that you have means of contacting your friends, relatives, and authorities. This is quite essential, especially if there are emergencies. Smartphones and radios are crucial for calling for help. So don't overlook these modern amenities since they could save your life when push comes to shove. 


Those baby wipes? Don't underestimate them. By all means, they should have a place in your camping checklist.

You see, baby wipes can do a lot of things for campers and outdoor goers. They are extremely versatile, as you can use them in various situations. 

For example, these wipes can serve as cleaning cloths that you can use to clean up the mess after you eat or prepare your food. At the same time, these highly moist wipes can help you clean yourself, especially if water access is not available in your camping area. They are also important in cleaning wounds before applying treatment. 

At the very least, there are several things that you can do with these baby wipes. So don't overlook them, as well. The best part about these baby wipes is that they are compact. They can fit in your backpack, and you don't worry about any additional bulk or weight. 

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