Fast Pitch Tent Vs. Instant Tent: How They Differ From Each Other?

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Update: April 12, 2021
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"Fast pitch tent vs. instant tent: what's their difference?"

I'm pretty sure that you have heard this question before. In fact, you are here because you want to learn the answer to this curious inquiry. Well, I am here to help you get what you want. 

Allow me to discuss some of the features these two types of tents have, their respective differences, and other essential things you should know about them.

Fast Pitch Tent vs. Instant Tent

These days, a tent is not only judged based on how it can shelter people; its quality is also assessed on the convenience and functionality that it can give. 

Naturally, nobody wants a tent that is too difficult to pitch or assemble. One way or another, outdoor enthusiasts would automatically prefer those tents that are not quirky when it comes to this particular aspect. 

Of course, that gives rise to fast-pitch tents and instant tents. They are the modern solutions to the age-old problem of dealing with clunky and burly outdoor shelters. 

Fast-pitch tents and instant tents have similarities. But right from the get-go, the tents are not the same. 

In fact, fast-pitch is a name that Coleman uses for some of their tent lines. Hence, it should be properly written as FastPitch, not fast-pitch. On the other hand, the term "instant tent" belongs to a different number of tents that have the capability to pitch themselves as quickly as a minute.

It is also notable that a Fast Pitch tent from Coleman is designed to become an instant tent--only a step-higher. If you are going to put these Fast Pitch tents with standard Coleman tents side-by-side, you'll notice that the latter has faster assembly time. 

How They Vary In Construction?

The standard instant tents and Coleman's Fast Pitch tents may or may not follow the same build. But in general, there are some features that these two tents share. A good example is the built-in poles located at the exterior shell of the tents, allowing them to erect on a dome shape. 

Because of these poles, the setup procedure for these tents has become fast and hassle-free. Furthermore, the dome shape of these instant and Fast Pitch tents allows them to negate the elements. They can fend off strong gusts of wind or even rainwater. 

The poles used on them are usually made from lightweight material--typically aluminum. It is quite rare to see steel poles because they are sturdy and not flexible. Aluminum poles, on the other hand, exhibit versatility in harsh weather conditions. 

Instant tents and Fast Pitch tents are capable of fast assembly and disassembly. Because of this, they give you the convenience of mobility. If you want to move the tent from one position or location to another, it won't be a problem. 

Keep in mind that most instant tents are available in 4, 6, and 8-person sizes. You have to be aware of the sizes you pick, given that they are dome-shaped tents and not cabin styles. Since their walls curve toward the roof, it is difficult for you to stand on them. Moreover, it reduces the vertical space that you have. Hence, it would be great if you pick a bigger instant tent than your prescribed needs. For example, if you are four in your group, you should get a six-person tent.

Both the Fast Pitch tents of Coleman and other instant tents are tailored from waterproof fabrics. They also come with mesh windows that provide enhanced ventilation. But if it gets rainy, you might need to get an extra tarp or rainfly to protect the tent and your belongings from getting wet. 

Do They Have Any Drawbacks?

Fast Pitch tents and instant tents are great. But at the same time, they have downsides, too. 

For instance, they don't have an excellent pitch because you can't make them stick like other types of tents. If you have no supporting utilities with you, such as stakes, guylines, and poles, these tents will not be able to hold themselves against turbulent weather elements. 

Their ideal use is during favorable weather or when the day is shining bright, and no dark clouds are looming on the corner. 

Of course, I have to emphasize that these tents have limited storage spaces. If you are aiming to have an outdoor shelter that can accommodate many users and their respective equipment, you should get cabin tents. Their nearly-perfect vertical walls allow higher interior peak height on the center and more floor space. 


Camping outdoors has always been a great way to enjoy the natural world, spend time with friends and family, and have fun. But it is impossible to do that without a good tent. 

Ever since they have been invented, these tents already received a number of modifications and innovations. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes. They also vary in style and application. Instant tents and Fast Pitch tents are among the variations that you can get today. 

In a nutshell, Fast Pitch tents are a series of proprietary tent designs by Coleman, while instant tents are tents with capabilities that allow quick pitching. But since Fast Pitch tents are designed to work like instant tents, you can say that the former falls within the category. The stark difference is that these Fast Pitch tents have better mechanisms in their construction and setup.

I hope that you find this guide useful. For other inquiries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. 

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