5 Reasons To Camp Close To Home

Rilor Staff
Update: July 16, 2022
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There's a good chance that you are residing in a place where there aren't many outdoor opportunities where you can camp. Of course, it will make you disappointed, especially if you are really into camping, backpacking, hiking or anything in between. 

The thought of going away from your zone is always tempting, right? Surely enough, you have already considered taking a long-distance flight so that you can take a vacation to your dream national or state park. These endeavors are great, especially if you have enough preparation and cash to do them. 

Of course, the idea of not being able to go to your dream destinations might suck. But there are always benefits to limiting your campgrounds within your proximity. It is not what you originally wanted, but hey, it is a bargain that you should take nonetheless. 

Benefits Of Camping Close To Your Home

For some people, staying in one place is quite mentally taxing. I mean, many of us are wanderlust. We love to explore scenery and environments that we haven't witnessed before. 

But the thing is, interstate or long-distance can become financially taxing. The farther your destination is, the bigger you have to spend. At the same time, it requires extensive preparation. The travel would end up in a disaster if your planning period is just a week or less. 

Meanwhile, camping close to your home isn't the most appealing adventure there is. But when you realize the benefits that it can give, you will seriously take multiple nearby trips more than often!

Here are some of those benefits that you need to take into account. 

Camping Close To Home Saves Money

As I've mentioned, one of the things that make long-distance vacations difficult is the cost. I mean, it can get really expensive. And even if you have enough money, you will still feel the weight of the trip in your pocket. 

Aside from fuel costs, you will also have to deal with food, accommodation, and other expenses that you will encounter along the way. Whether you like it or not, money is an essential inclusion in every long-distance trip checklist. 

Fortunately, you can dodge this problem by deciding to camp near your home. The cost of the trip would be reduced. For instance, you will be able to save money on fuel. Even if you make side trips, it will not be that expensive. If you have maintained your vehicle enough, the more savings you can get on the gas. 

You Can Travel Frequently 

One of the notable advantages of camping within your residential proximity is being able to travel frequently. Long-distance travels require extensive time for preparation and resources. Hence, it is not a long bow to draw that you can't often do. If you like to travel a lot, this fact might ruin your mood. 

Meanwhile, traveling close to home might not be enjoyable at first. But it gives you the assurance that you can do it frequently. If you want weekly travels to mountains, shores, and other landmarks, you are free to do so--as long as it is near you. 

Since you are close to your home, the trip will never be time-consuming. It is not difficult to prepare either. In fact, it could become a routine that you won't have to fuss over even if you have to change plans because of abrupt conflict in schedule, weather disturbances, and other potential inhibitors. 

It Is Easier To Pack And Organize

Camping requires a certain degree of preparation. Even a day hike would still require you to check and assess the things that you will need on the trip. Just imagine how much preparation you are going to partake in if you are about to engage in a long-distance vacation. 

Sometimes, the hassle of preparing for interstate travel isn't really worth the experience. Hey, I am not saying that you should no longer leave the boundaries of your home. All I am saying is that it gets too tiring sometimes. 

When you camp near home, you will easily know what you are going to bring in the first place. You understand your destination and the requirements so that you can camp or hike as comfortably as possible. 

Camping at your local campgrounds is also advantageous because you are familiar with the terrain. You know the weather there. You have an idea of what to bring. Do you need a jacket or a light shirt only? And of course, it also lets you prepare for the possible recreational activities that you can do there. You may be able to bring a bike with you, especially if the distance is just near.

Convenient Bonding Experience

One of the perks of camping nearby is the ability to mingle with your family and friends. Since you don't need to travel far, you will be able to take as many people with you. Of course, that's a fun thing to do. The more people there are, the more memorable and fun the trip will be. 

It will not also bother you to carry more items or equipment on the trip. We don't have to include the distance in the equation. Hence, it is less cumbersome on your part. You can even have a barbecue party or a weekend cookout in this case.

Always consider your family and friends when camping. If you do not intend to do it solo, why not just invite them instead? I'm pretty sure that you'll get the most fun out of the excursion. 

Less Stress

Another aspect that you should consider in long-distance vacations is stress. The entire trip itself can be physically and mentally taxing, especially if you have your kids with you. They can get agitated and impatient quickly. Moreover, you need to tend to their needs from time to time. You have to bring them to the bathroom, feed them, and provide some entertainment before you can reach your destination. 

Of course, I don't hate kids. But I know you get the picture here. And even if you are traveling alone, you will still experience the rigors that come along with the travel time. Long hours of sitting without being able to stretch don't feel nice at all. 

Your experience would be contrary if you just travel to nearby campgrounds. Here, you will be able to do quick stop-overs without feeling any inconvenience. At the same time, it lets you take some breaks in driving without the fear that you'll get late. 


Camping is a fun adventure. But being wise about it is something that you should do as well. You may need to take into account your overall comfort and safety during the trip. Long-distance travels are great, but if you think that they are physically and financially taxing, you should just delay them for the time being. Instead, settle in your area and explore its hidden wonders!

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