How To Help Your Kids Get Interested In Camping?

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Update: June 7, 2022
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It is evident that children these days would rather stay home and binge-watch their favorite Youtube channels or Twitch streams. Or, if not, play with their computers or smartphones all day long. And believe me or not, they don't get bored doing it. 

But of course, there are downsides to these habits. It deteriorates their health, both physically and mentally. There's a good chance that they would get fat and sickly, given that their life is already sedentary. Furthermore, they are prone to stress, given what they see and hear online. 

The best cure for these things is to encourage them to play outside. For instance, letting them enjoy a pleasurable camping experience would gradually remove their addiction to their gadgets and devices. But how would you get your youngsters to get interested in outdoor activities? 

Read on and learn how to do this.  

Benefits Of Camping To Children

Today, most children spend the majority of their time in indoor activities, such as video games, television, and computers. Although indoor activities can be fun, kids need time to go outside and explore, build forts, and enjoy the outdoors. Camping helps children gain the following benefits:

It Gives Them A Sense Of Independence

Camping is an activity that provides children with independence. The activity would encourage the young ones to take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of those actions.

You can teach your young ones various outdoor skills, which they can use while they are on their own. Moreover, you can encourage them to do things while you are not around, giving them the time they need to think and act for themselves. In turn, this would turn into self-sufficiency. They would be able to learn how to trust themselves. 

At the same time, this would also help them realize their strengths and weaknesses. They would be able to confront them and utilize them for their individual growth. 

It Teaches Survival Skills

The real world today is going bad and awry. With all the instability around us, the inherent desire to protect our young ones always arises. Unfortunately, there are situations where we can't be there for them. 

Of course, the goal of camping is not to expose your children to bear attacks. But at the same time, the experience would let them realize that they are vulnerable once they are outside the comforts of their homes. Once they are under the grade of Mother Nature, you would be able to teach them the essential skills for survival. 

With your guidance, your young ones would learn the following things:

  • Building a fire
  • Water and food gathering
  • Wildlife safety 
  • Identifying poisonous plants
  • Pitching a tent or making a shelter
  • Basic outdoor safety

These skills are essential for survival. And who knows? They might be able to utilize it for other unforeseen events in the future. As early as now, you are giving them the opportunity to learn how to fend off themselves. 

It Helps Your Children Unplug From Technology

One of the optimal benefits of camping and other outdoor activities is the removal of technology in the veins of our children. Honestly, that's the very reason why many parents and guardians would want to bring their children to campgrounds. Too much time on the screen is harmful to one's health. For instance, there's a link between ADHD and smartphone consumption.

For children, internet and computer addiction is a problem. After all, it is difficult to remove. Nobody can just get over it, given that our world is very much revolving around technology. Surely enough, we are not anti-technology here. All we want to emphasize is that there should be control over the time your children use these devices. 

A time outdoors, with no smartphones or laptops around, would gradually remove their dependence on technology. It gives their eyes, minds, and bodies a breather. It would also help them realize that time off-screen is quite good! 

It Helps Them Appreciate Nature

You would also want to engage your young ones in camping and outdoor activities so that they will be able to appreciate nature. You have to make them feel that the world is not just within the corners of the urban jungle. There's much more to it than they have to see. 

Camping lets them see the scenery with their two eyes. The rolling skies. The splashing rivers. The pristine mountains. All of these things can be seen and experienced if you would just be able to encourage them to step outside. Allow them to be enamored by the world's natural beauty. 

After all, it would make them think that there's so much that they need to learn, explore, and protect. 

How Does Technology Cause Kids To Lose Interest In Outdoor Activities?

Camping is still a fun activity--and a popular one, at the very least. In the United States, it remains to be one of the favorite recreational activities of people, alongside backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering. 

However, we are also aware that the younger generations aren't into it anymore. According to several studies, many types of outdoor sports and activities that the old generations enjoyed are no longer favorable for today's children. They no longer need to go outside to experience fun and recreation.

For instance, if they want to experience esports, then there are multiple video games for that, such as FIFA and NBA. However, if you ask them to play ball on real courts, they would instantly decline. With all of the technology at our fingertips, kids have the ability to play and socialize while indoors through any game they want. Many kids would rather play a video game and interact online with their friends than go outside or interact with other kids.

 Of course, this is a problem because physical activities provide a plethora of health benefits. It also helps them learn socialization skills. Without these outdoor endeavors, children tend to grow weak in various activities.

In the aspect of fun, there's no denying that computers and smartphones can offer a lot to children. But at the same time, they have disadvantages, too. They are addicting and prevent children from exploring their skills and capabilities. Furthermore, it puts your kids under a certain degree of stress, especially if the amount of time they spend with their devices isn't controlled. 

As mentioned, technology is fascinating, which, in turn, makes it addicting. 

Of course, we are not saying that technology isn't beneficial. Instead, we want to emphasize that none of its benefits can replace the benefits of outdoor endeavors.

Tips On How To Make Your Kids Interested In Camping

It's a challenge for many parents and guardians to keep their children hooked on camping and outdoor activities. Fortunately, there are ways to turn the situation around. 

You can encourage your kids to get into camping through the following:

Do A Dry Run

It's pretty certain that your kids would be hesitant if you invite them to a weekend camping (especially if it is their first time). So how can you get through this? Well, why not do a dry run first?

You can do this via backyard camping! Set a date where you will pitch a tent in your backyard. Let them see how you assemble and put the tent together. If possible, let them assist you. In this way, they gain a little appreciation for it. 

Of course, you should make things fun and tasty. Get your grill and start making their favorite burgers and treats! If you have an area where you can pitch a fire pit, you can also teach them how to build a campfire.

The rest of the day should be spent having fun, playing games, and bonding. After all, they wouldn't get interested if it's boring and cumbersome. Make them feel that camping is a war, cheerful experience. 

Make It Comfortable

Don't put your shoes on your children. If you are used to rough outdoor pursuits, your kids aren't. If you put them in a position where they would experience discomforts and pain, they would vow not to repeat the same pursuit again. 

If you want your children to be enthralled by camping and outdoor activities, allow them to experience comfort. For example, make sure that you bring pillows, sleeping pads, and other amenities that could help them sleep better inside their tents. 

In fact, it is not even a bad idea to bring a mattress on your trip. Tables, chairs, and umbrellas would make things extra cozy while they are enjoying the scenery. 

Prioritize Their Safety

You can't encourage your kids to go out with you if you can't assure them that they are safe throughout the trip. While it is true that camping is generally safe, especially in an established campground, you still need to guarantee the well-being of your kids. 

Always remember that you are outdoors. Therefore, there's always a possibility that harm would befall. If the unlikely happens, you have to make sure that your little ones are safeguarded. 

Of course, simple dos and don'ts could help mitigate problems. For instance, proper food safety and handling could prevent foodborne diseases. Campfires can really be fascinating and exciting, but being careless around them can cause injuries. 

Always talk to your kids about what they can do to avoid these unwanted predicaments from happening. Your goal here is not to scare them. Instead, you are teaching them how to stay safe while they are having fun. Discuss possible scenarios and the things they can do to remain unharmed. If they can feel safe, they will enjoy the trip even more. 

Entertainment Is Not A Bad Idea

Of course, we are not talking about smartphones and laptops here. 

Once you are outdoors, the options you have when it comes to having fun are pretty much unlimited. You may want to introduce some of the activities and games that you used to enjoy while you were still young. And if you think that's not doable, then bring some toys instead!

You have several choices here, such as volleyball and water guns. If your kid is into arts, bring drawing boards, paints, and other creative materials. Furthermore, you can also bring magnifying glasses so that you'll hook them into exploration. 


If there's one thing that goes really well with camping, that's fishing. Hence, there should be no reason your children can't experience it, as well. 

Choose a campground that has an established fishing ground--may it be a river, lake, or stream. In this way, you will be able to tell them that part of your itinerary is reeling your rods and baits.  

Young ones are pretty much excited about the idea of being able to catch fish. First-timers would really be giddy about it. But aside from the fun, fishing also teaches patience and discipline. As an endeavor, it is filled with multiple things to learn. 

Once they love fishing, they will really look forward to your next camping adventure. 


There are many reasons why camping is beneficial for children. From improving motor skills to encouraging independence, camping helps children mature and grow. Hence, it is essential that you draw their interest toward this particular endeavor. The methods we listed above should encourage your young ones to leave their phones and start packing their gear!

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