Top-Rated Buyer’s Guide: Best Sleeping Bags for Women

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Update: August 11, 2020
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Every lady out there deserves the best women's sleeping bags. It is a piece of outdoor equipment that can keep them warm, comfortable, and protected while they are on the bosom of Mother Nature. 

I talked about the importance of these sleeping bags already in my other posts. But right now, it is a special case that we should consider for our female friends who simply love to bask in the outdoors. The following sleeping bags should be considered. 

Best Women's Sleeping Bag Reviews

1. REI Co-op Joule 21 Sleeping Bag - Women's - Editor's Pick

REI Co-op Joule 21 Sleeping Bag - Women's
  • REI double-protection design combines a polymer-coated down fill with waterproof/breathable fabric at the hood, sides and footbox—areas likely to touch a damp tent wall
  • Designed to fit a woman's body, this bag offers increased room at hips, decreased room at shoulders and extra insulation in critical heat-loss areas
  • Water-repellent 700-fill-power duck down offers superior loft and warmth—and is certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and bluesign® approved
  • Ripstop nylon shell also uses a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to further protect the down fill
  • Performance fit keeps weight low and thermal efficiency high

REI is a reliable manufacturer of outdoor gears--including sleeping bags. The Joule 21, for instance, is proof that REI is indeed a brand worth trusting. 

The double-protection construction of this sleeping bag is awe-inspiring. It features the combination of a polymer-coated down fill and breathable and waterproof fabric on its sides, foot box, and hood. The resulting output is an insulating sleeping bag that offers decent water resistance. 

Of course, this one is designed to be compatible with the average woman's body. It has an added room on its hips; the room on the shoulders has been decreased. Meanwhile, the areas where heat loss is common to have been padded with extra insulation. 

Keep in mind that the duck down fill of this sleeping bag has a fill power rating of 700. This means that the loft offers impressive insulation. Furthermore, it has a Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which indicates that the loft did not violate any animal rights.

The exterior shell of the Joule 21 is crafted from the ripstop nylon. It has been treated as well with a durable water repellent (DWR) to ensure added protection to the fill. 

Because of its performance fit, this sleeping bag achieved a minimized weight and optimal thermal efficiency. You will enjoy being wrapped in this sleeping bag while outdoors. 


  • Features a 700-fill-power duck down
  • Exterior shell is durable and water-repellent
  • Tailored to fit a woman's body
  • Equipped with insulated face muffler and contoured hood for enhanced heat retention
  • Includes nylon stuff sack and a large cotton bag for storage


  • Some users reported feather lofts coming out from the bag

2. Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag - Budget-Friendly Pick

A valuable option for a women's sleeping bag is the Kelty Cosmic. It has a set of impressive features that can keep our ladies comfortable and snugly while they are in the wild. 

Specifically, this sleeping bag has a shell made from 20-denier nylon taffeta and 50-denier poly taffeta liner. This combination ensures that the shell is lightweight and capable of preventing heat from escaping. With this design, you can guarantee that this unit is great for 3-season camping and backpacking. 

Similar to the Marmot Trestles, the Kelty Cosmic is also using down fill insulation. It is naturally resistant to water and moisture; even if the insulation is wet, it can still provide the necessary heat to combat cold and fatigue. Specifically, the 600-fill-power Dridown is incredibly soft and compressible. 

Needless to say, this sleeping bag has been cut to pattern the natural contours of women. There's no issue when it comes to its thermal efficiency because of its snug fit. Furthermore, it has enveloped its critical areas with extra insulation to prevent heat loss.


  • Lightweight sleeping bag
  • Can be packed tightly and compact
  • Fitted to accommodate the average woman's contours
  • Relatively water-resistant down fill
  • Impressive heat retention and thermal efficiency


  • Not as durable as other women's sleeping bags

3. Marmot Trestles 15 Women's Cold-Weather Mummy Sleeping Bag - Budget-Friendly Pick

Women can sleep comfortably in the Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag. Similar to the Joule 15, this one is precisely engineered to fit the physical specifications of a woman's body. It also features the Spiral high-loft insulation so that the critical areas will remain warm. 

Because this sleeping bag has a mummy cut, it can guarantee a snug and comfortable fit. It can provide exceptional softness and comfort. It can make you feel that you haven't left your mattress at home. 

The SpiraFil High-Loft Insulation, by the way, is a type of synthetic insulation. Hence, it did not use fills coming from ducks and geese. It has been engineered through the blend of spiral hollow fibers and polyester fibers. It has excellent thermal insulation, even in wet conditions. Moreover, it is capable of resisting moisture from affecting its performance in damp and cold conditions. 

The Marmot Trestles also features a dual-layer design. Specifically, the bag has a top that accommodates the insulating loft while its bottom is designed for a plush and mattress-like comfort. 

Also, the Marmot Trestle has an EN comfort rating of 16.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty great for dealing with frigid environments. Even at such a temperature, women can still experience a convenient sleep. 


  • Synthetic insulation ensures water and moisture resistance
  • Guaranteed female-specific fit
  • Heat insulation can last long
  • Foot box is anatomically designed to have an extra room
  • Exterior shell is quite durable


  • The zipper is susceptible to snagging

4. Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass 0 Sleeping Bag - Women's - Premium Pick

Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass 0 Sleeping Bag - Women's
  • 650-fill-power down certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) provides lightweight warmth and compressibility
  • RDS certification ensures the down does not come from animals that have been subject to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking
  • Performance Plus Mummy cut fits close to the body for warmth and efficiency, while offering more room to move than standard Performance Mummy fit
  • Women-specific design features additional insulation for increased warmth
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) finish on fabric sloughs off moisture and stains

Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass is a sleeping bag engineered to suit the needs of women. It has the proper contours that can give our ladies the utmost comfort and fit. It can keep them warm and cozy throughout their entire use.

The 650-fill-power down certifies that this sleeping bag can provide the appropriate warmth that you need. It also combines feathers on its composition so that it will not get rough when you lie. Moreover, the fill is certified with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which is an assurance that it is made under humane standards. 

Meanwhile, the Performance Plus Mummy cut of the Bishop Pass is truly impeccable. It has been engineered to ensure that the sleeping bag can match the shape of a woman's body for enhanced warmth delivery and heat retention. 

But at the same time, you can guarantee that this sleeping bag is not too tight. It offers enough room for you to move and wiggle around. 

The exterior shell of the Bishop Pass has a durable water repellent treatment. It does not only negate water and moisture, but it also wards off stains and dirt that are common in any outdoor adventures. 


  • Interior lining is soft against the skin
  • Adjustable draft collar and tubes to prevent cold air from entering
  • Foot box has been anatomically shaped for extra ventilation
  • Durable exterior shells are resistant against water and stain
  • Ideal for cold conditions


  • Not for extremely tall women

5. TETON Sports Tracker 5 Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag 

Tracker 5 is also a decent choice for a women's sleeping bag. The contours and cut of this unit can actually fit the average woman's body. It can deliver warmth without being too tight. 

Insulation is also one of its greatest perks. It is equipped with synthetic insulation for enhanced resistance against water and moisture. This simply means that the sleeping bag can keep you warm even in damp and foggy conditions. 

I also like the three-piece hood design of this unit. It enables you to pull the hood around your face as snugly as possible. By doing so, your face will not feel that it is frosted. 

Meanwhile, its foot box is quite roomy. You can move your feet comfortably for extra breathability. The full-length draft tube on its zipper prevents the warm air from escaping the bag. 

Another noteworthy aspect that Tracker 5 possesses is its compressibility. Specifically, it is not difficult to pack it compactly for streamlined backpacking or camping purposes. Moreover, it does not weigh too much.


  • Lightweight and undeniably lofty
  • Features a myriad of mechanisms for heat retention
  • Insulation works even when wet or damp
  • Comes with an interior pocket
  • Includes a compression sack 


  • Insulation seems uneven

A Guide In Choosing The Best Women's Sleeping Bag

It is undeniable that many women today are into outdoor adventures already. They already dominated backpacking and camping pursuits, and that's quite a good thing!

But of course, one should know that some of the outdoor gears are specifically tailored for women. For instance, hiking boots and jackets require specific sizing and cuts so that they can fit female outdoor-goers.  

Sleeping bags are not an exemption, too. In the preface, it seems that any sleeping bag will do for them. However, once you learn the importance of fit and tautness to the overall quality of these bags, you'll immediately step back. 

So what are guidelines in choosing a sleeping bag for women? 


By now, it is already evident that one of the considerations for choosing a women's sleeping bag is the fit.

You see, most of the sleeping bags do come in different sizes and fit. Specifically, most manufacturers don't follow a standard size for the bags they make. That's why it is essential that you can check out the dimensions of the sleeping bag, and see if it can fit in the frame of your body. 

For now, there are some basic categorizations for the sizing of these sleeping bags. While it is true that these categories don't provide the exact dimensions, they can still give you a rough idea of the bag's overall size.

  • Adult sleeping bags - If a sleeping bag is labelled under this category, you can expect that it is long and broad. It is specifically tailored to match the height of adult men. But of course, you can still see a short size sleeping bag. 
  • Women's sleeping bags - A good counterpart of an adult sleeping bag is a women's sleeping bag. Basically, this one is also engineered to suit the frame of an "average" woman's body and contour. Usually, it is shorter than regular adult sleeping bags. Moreover, you can also notice that these bags have narrow shoulders and broad hips. 
  • Kids' sleeping bags - It is quite easy to identify a sleeping bag for kids. Compared to its counterparts, this one is relatively shorter and smaller. Interestingly, these sleeping bags are cheaper than regular-size sleeping bags. 


Another essential factor to consider here is the weight of the sleeping bag. I can safely say that there is no standard weight for these sleeping bags--similar to their fit. 

However, several factors could affect or influence the weight of the bags. And for women, these factors should always be taken into account. Specifically, I am talking about the shape and insulation of the bag. 

Keep in mind that high-quality insulations like high-fill-power downs and hybrid synthetics can offer higher levels of warmth delivery. Moreover, they don't add to the weight of the sleeping bag compared to low-quality fills. 

Weight Of The Insulation Fill 

One of the key aspects of a sleeping bag is its weight. The heavier it is, the harder it is for you to carry it on extensive and technical expeditions. Perhaps a significant number of women are not comfortable with that idea. 

Insulation affects the weight of the sleeping bag. Hence, it is pretty important that you can get a unit whose insulation fill is efficient enough to deliver warmth without sacrificing its weight. You can assess this by balancing the weight of the sleeping bag and its temperature rating. 

If it has a low-temperature rating without being too heavy, that's a good sleeping bag--at least for applications where cold conditions are to be expected. 

But for humid and moderate climates, insulation is not much of a big deal. In this context, ventilation is the most crucial feature.


It would really be best if women would pick a bag that has a sleek and tight fit. Not too tight, but just enough for it to be snug. Sleeping bags with these traits are notably light; hence, they are not difficult to carry. 

Here are some of the basic cuts that you can see on sleeping bags today. I recommend the "mummy" for women, as it possesses compactness. 

  • Mummy - The mummy is a smart design for sleeping bags. It enabled maximum warmth provision without adding extra weight. It is slim and features a contoured hood so that it can wrap you fully. Because it is snug, you need to roll with it; you can't switch positions while inside the bag. 
  • Semi-rectangular - We typically call a semi-rectangular cut the "modified mummy." You are also free to call it a barrel sleeping bag. As its names suggest, the bag strikes a balance between the best features of a mummy and rectangular sleeping bags.
  • Rectangular - Meanwhile, sleeping bags also assume a rectangular shape. This one is slightly heavy and bulky. However, it has the roominess that you need to tackle the low temperatures. 

Here’s a video that shows on how you can pick a sleeping bag based on its shape:


It is also vital that you have a basic understanding of how the insulation of these sleeping bags works. Always remember that Mother Nature is quite whimsical and finicky these days. If you lack even the essential preparations, your outdoor tour will be devastated. 

Specifically, the insulation speaks about the ability of the sleeping bag to keep you warm. It is a vital part of every sleeping bag; therefore, you shouldn't turn a blind eye on it. 

However, let me tell you that it is entirely okay if the sleeping bag has minimal insulation. If your intended use does not involve snows, high altitude, and low temperatures, then a sleeping bag with little insulation is just fine.

Insulation is necessary if warmth is deemed as an essential safety net. Here are the two types of insulation that are commonly used in sleeping bags.

  • Down insulation - Many want the down insulation because of its light and compressible design. It is also durable and provides decent heat retention. You can say that down insulation can deliver consistent warmth to your body even after extensive use. 

Now, I am pretty sure that you encountered the term "fill power." But what does this mean? 

Well, you have to realize that not down insulation is the same. The "fill power" is a way of gauging that quality of a particular fill. If the number is high, then the loft is expected to provide a higher degree of warmth, as based on its weight. Ultralight camping and backpacking purposes require the service of sleeping bags that have a fill power of 500 to 800.

You might also have encountered the terms water-resistant down fill and responsible fill. These two are also crucial factors that you shouldn't ignore as well. 

Water-resistant insulation is a type of fill that has been treated with water-repellent application to combat heat loss due to water and moisture. Meanwhile, a responsible down is a certification that the fill was produced from the humane treatment of geese and ducks. They are the source of organic down fill, by the way. The designations that you need to look for is the TDS (Traceable Down Standard) and the RDS (Responsible Down Standard).

  • Synthetic insulation - The synthetic insulation offers an affordable alternative to down fill. It has its own unique strengths, too. For instance, it can insulate continuously, even if it is wet. They are usually made from polyester and offer excellent durability, too. 

However, unlike down, synthetic fill doesn't have the "fill power" classification that we can use to assess its quality and performance. 

Other Essential Features Of Women's Sleeping Bags

  • Hood - Women should get sleeping bags with hoods. It is a vital component that provides extra warmth on the head and neck region.
  • Draft tubes - It is also essential for a women sleeping bag to have draft tubes that course through its entire length. They function as a "wall" that prevents internal warmth from escaping.
  • Anti-snag zippers - It is quite annoying to deal with snag zippers. It makes accessibility a difficult thing to achieve. Furthermore, it can cause unwanted wear-and-tear of the sleeping bag's fabric. Most of the high-quality sleeping bags out there have zippers covered with a shield to prevent snagging. 
  • Stash pocket - A stash pocket is a useful component that enables you to store small valuables near you. It is often placed on the chest portion of the bag. 
  • Fabric and construction - Next, you need to be mindful on how the exterior shell of the sleeping bag has been constructed. Most of the commercial sleeping bags are tailored from ripstop polyester and nylon. It would also be great if you can get a unit that has durable water repellent (DWR) treatment to the outer shell.


Women should prioritize acquiring suitable outdoor gears for them. Right now, various manufacturers are aware of the differing needs between gender and sexes, especially when it comes to application, sizing, and construction of their products. 

The best women's sleeping bags are primarily tailored to accommodate the needs of every woman who wants to conquer the outdoor world. Just keep in mind that you need to value the fit and weight of the sleeping bag before deciding what to purchase. In doing so, you will get something that is guaranteed to generate warmth and coziness to your body. 

That's it for now. If you have questions about these sleeping bags and other camping gears, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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