Where To Find Used Tents For Sale?

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Update: July 17, 2021
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Where to find used tents for sale?

Over time, many people have grown inclined toward camping and other outdoor activities. Of course, the number of benefits that these endeavors bring can never be counted by all of your fingers. 

Every time we talk about the outdoors in general, tents always come into the picture. In a nutshell, having a tent gives you the freedom to stay wherever you want, especially if it has the right features and infrastructure. There are different types of tents. They vary in style, shape, size, and even application. 

Furthermore, tents also differ in their prices. Some are less than a hundred bucks, while others go more than a thousand dollars. When buying a tent, it is expected that the brand-new models are expensive. Others don't mind the figures; however, there's a number of outdoor enthusiasts who don't have the luxury to spend big on tents. Their best option is to get those used tents. 

If you are going the same route, you might need to know where to get these used by definitely not abused tents.

Where To Find Used Tents For Sale?

Fortunately, there are numerous platforms where you can get these used tents. I can give a plethora of examples. 


First, you can always go on eBay. Anything under the sun is probably present in this massive online aggregate buy-and-sell site. There are a number of outdoor tents that are being listed on this site on a daily basis. You can find popular brands here, too. And if you are lucky enough, you can get tents that are still in a brand-new condition minus the original cost. Some of my tents are purchased on Ebay, so it's something that I can vouch for. 


If you want an outdoor-oriented platform to buy used tents, you can always try REI. Many of you assume that REI is just for high-end, brand-new outdoor equipment. However, this site also offers used tents. And the best part about REI is that it has strict scrutiny over second-hand tents. Specifically, REI only offers gently-used tents. It is an additional guarantee that the tent you will get is still in good condition. Furthermore, they are less than their original prices, so it is a good deal for you. 


Another site that I can refer to is OutdoorsGeek. It is an excellent site to hunt used tents, especially if you are conscious of quality and brand. The site has been a household name when it comes to selling second-hand tents. OutdoorsGeek sells both gently used and clearance tents, which is ideal for those who want to get the most out of their money. Moreover, you can guarantee that their tents are authentic. No cheap rip-offs!

The North Face Renewed

Are you a fan of The North Face? I am pretty sure that a majority of you here would love to get your hands on any tent that this brand manufactured. Of course, the quality of their products, especially their tents, are superb and innovative. The downside is that The North Face brand isn't that cheap. Fortunately, it launched its online used gear platform called "Renewed." The quality of their used items is indeed impressive. The folks at The North Face always check and conduct necessary repairs to their second-hand products before selling them to the site. However, I just noticed that the selection is quite limited. Hence, it is already a big deal if you can seize something from them!

Gear Trade

You can also try Gear Trade if you are looking for outdoor tents and other similar equipment. Gear Trade offers extensive selections that are brimming quality and affordability. You will find a myriad of second-hand tents here. However, I just want to remind you that the tents listed here don't last long. They just come and go because there's a lot of people who are constantly buying here. Furthermore, with the ongoing pandemic, the volume of used tents advertised on this site has decreased.

MEC Gear Swap

MEC Gear Swap is definitely an interesting choice for those who want to get already-used tents. Unlike other platforms here, this site doesn't act like a "direct" seller. Instead, MEC Gear Swap works as a middleman for those who want to sell and buy outdoor gear. Because of this unique mechanism, many people opt to do their transactions here because of the added security present. But at the same time, there are still some scammers that are lurking here. 

In Summary

Whenever you need a tent for your outdoor endeavors, it is crucial that you can check its qualities and features. Of course, it is a given that fresh-from-the-factory tents offer the best of these factors right from the get-go. However, if you are not ready to get them because of financial matters, then you can always purchase used tents as alternatives. 

There are a number of used tents up for sale these days that are still in good condition. That's a testament that their previous owners had implemented the proper maintenance regimen on them. If you can just get these tents, you'll have a great outdoor shelter in your next adventure without spending too big. 

The sites I've listed above are some of the reliable platforms where you can get used tents for sale. You might want to start searching for them before taking your hunt to other areas. 

That's it for now. If you have inquiries, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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