Best Ultralight (Lightweight) Tent Stakes

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Update: September 14, 2020
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For backpacking and hiking purposes, the best ultralight tent stakes are crucial. After all, you don't need to deal with the extra load when it comes to these applications. 

But of course, the lightness of a stake should not mean that it is flimsy and easy to break. You still have to mind its durability and overall strength while under strain. You won't be able to pitch your tents or tarps properly if you have brittle stakes. 

The following lightweight stakes are essentially the best ones that can fit these qualifications. 

Best Ultralight Tent Stakes

1. Vargo Titanium Shepherd's Hook Stakes - Editor's Pick

The Vargo Titanium Stakes genuinely qualifies as lightweight tent stakes. Each of these stakes only weighs 0.2 ounces, which is among the lightest tent stakes in the market already.  

But since the stakes are made from titanium, you can expect that they are ultra-durable, too. In fact, titanium is rated to be stronger than aluminum, which is something that is worth considering here. The build of these stakes is sufficient to deal with harsh climate conditions without corroding or rusting.

These hook stakes have a length of six inches. They can provide a stable hold to the ground, especially if the latter is not loose. However, these stakes might not perform well on sandy or snowy terrains.  

Vargo Titanium Stakes is rated to work on various staking applications. They are highly visible and provide a sufficient platform for you to tie your ropes and guylines without any problem.


  • Simple and effective design
  • Highly visible in different lighting conditions
  • Can be used in various staking applications
  • Lightweight and durable at the same time
  • Doesn't corrode or rust


  • May not perform well on loose grounds

2. SOLEADER Tent Stakes - Runner-Up

These 9-inch tent stakes from SOLEADER are truly magnificent, especially for hiking and backpacking needs. They are ultra-tough and robust, being able to tackle any terrains and surfaces. They are made to be visible, too. They won't get lost in the grass because of their stark red paint. 

One SOLEADER tent stake only weighs approximately 0.6 ounces. It is extremely light and was made possible due to its 7075 aluminum alloy. The stakes are truly one-of-a-kind because of their innate stability and holding power. Once latched to the ground, they won't move at all. 

These stakes also possess the durability that you need to deal with hard surfaces. They are not prone to deformities and can pierce through rough surfaces. 

The Y-shape design of the SOLEADER tent stakes is remarkable when it comes to ensuring that your tents and tarps are secure. They also come with pull ropes on their head so that you can remove them whenever necessary. 


  • Excels in the aspect of stability
  • Longer than other commercial tent stakes
  • Durable and resistant to deforming 
  • Reflective design for enhanced visibility
  • Sharp tip can break hard surfaces


  • Not exactly heavy duty

3. Coghlan's Ultralight Tent Stakes - Budget-Friendly Pick

The Coghlan's Ultralight Tent Stakes are also a reliable option for those individuals who are looking for pegs that don't add weight. These stakes have been tailored from 6061 aluminum, which boasts sturdiness and lightness at the same time. One peg only weighs 0.5 ounces. 

Because these tent stakes are tough, they are usable in various staking needs. You can use them in affixing tarps and tents in place. Moreover, they possess holding power that will not disappoint you. Once in the ground, their movement is pretty restricted. 

You will enjoy the performance of these stakes because they are simple to use. Their head has notches where you can tie ropes quickly and securely. You won't hesitate to use a mallet on them, as they are made to take a beating. 


  • Y-shape design ensures stability
  • Penetrates hard surfaces
  • Sturdy and durable construction 
  • Includes a pull cord for quick removal
  • Usable in different hiking and camping applications


  • Still susceptible to bending

4. MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit - Premium Pick

I have featured the MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit multiple times already, and I never get tired of doing that. After all, these stakes are fantastic. They are built with durability and sturdiness so that you can use them anywhere and anytime you want. 

They are versatile, too. The Y-shape body of the stakes ensures that you can latch them on any surfaces, even those that are loose. They offer exceptional holding power. They do not move or shake once they are anchored to the ground. They are the surest means of ensuring that your tent will stay in place. 

One of these stakes only weighs 0.46 ounces, which is lighter than most of its counterparts. It is made from the 7000-series aluminum that is known for its structural integrity and toughness. 

The notch on the head of the stakes allows quick latching of ropes and guylines. When you need to pull them off from the ground, the reflective loops will enable you to sweeten up the process. 


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Flaunts exceptional durability and rigidity
  • Offers a stable holding power
  • Works on any terrain
  • Easy and ergonomic use


  • The notches on the head are somewhat shallow

5. REI Co-op Aluminum Hook Tent Stake 

REI Co-op Aluminum Hook Tent Stake
  • Made from tough 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminum, these stakes are difficult to bend and will retain their shape
  • Replace your old worn out stakes or carry some extras

When it comes to lightweight tent stakes, the REI Co-op Aluminum Hook Tent Stake should never be excluded at all. These tent stakes are engineered for the purpose of providing a reliable and simple means to pitch your tents and tarps. 

These stakes are made from the ultra-tough 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminum. This material is exceptionally durable; it is difficult to bend them, even if it's your intention to deform them. They have exceptional shape-retention, which simply means that they can withstand abuses. 

The ideal use of these hook stakes is for backpacking and trekking. You shouldn't worry a thing here, as one of these stakes only weighs approximately 0.5 ounces. They are light and will never be a burden to carry. 

Moreover, they have decent dimensions, too. With a length of 7.25 inches, you will be able to bury them as deeply as possible. Meanwhile, their hooks will stop you from fully sinking them. 


  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Not susceptible to breaking or deforming
  • Guaranteed lightweight stakes
  • Ideal for various staking applications
  • Enables quick removal


  • May not be suitable for sand and snow

How To Choose The Best Ultralight Tent Stakes

Weight is always a factor for some outdoor applications. For simple camping and picnic, this might not be an issue, especially if vehicles are an available amenity. 

But when it comes to backpacking and trekking trips, having too much weight is extremely difficult. That's why backpackers are incredibly conscious of the things they bring as they don't want to burden themselves with extra pounds. 

Sure enough, tent stakes are not exactly heavy. One stake might only weigh a few grams or ounces. However, they will get bulky if you are going to pack a dozen of them. Surely, you need one stake to be ultralight, as you don't want to feel discomforts from carrying weighted pegs. 

How Heavy is Heavy?

There's an argument when it comes to this matter. Many have a different opinion as to how these stakes should weigh before they can be called ultralight. 

For me, things don't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, you can assess this thing by yourself. You just have to hold the stake. If they feel that they are slightly heavy, then that might be the case. 

Try to get a stake that doesn't go over 1 ounce. As you have seen in this list, all of the stakes only weigh less than an ounce. They are the ones that you should get, as they are not cumbersome at all. 

Other Considerations In Choosing The Best Lightweight Tent Stakes

  • Material - The material used in the manufacturing of tent stakes can affect their weight. When it comes to this part, steel is considered to be the heaviest. However, it is ultra tough and rather impervious to most deformities and bending. 

Fortunately, there are several lightweight options at your disposal. The most common is aluminum. It might not be as tough as steel, but they are still rugged and capable of taking a beating, especially if the aluminum has a special build or combination such as alloy. 

We have titanium, too, though they are expensive. But the price of titanium stake makes them a worthy purchase. They are lighter than aluminum, and at the same time, more robust. You would really be impressed by their capability. 

You can also try carbon fiber. However, they are not easy to find, though. They are lightweight, too, and feature impressive rigidity that doesn't succumb to any terrain or weather elements. 

  • Design - Pick a stake that can provide the necessary holding power that you need to ensure that your tent or tarp won't be moved. It is actually the design of the stake that determines its stability when anchored on the ground. 

The basic design is the needle. We see them from time to time. You can even make one by yourself through the branches that you see straying around. They are pretty decent but don't expect that they have excellent holding power for stability. 

Shepherd's hooks are another version of stakes. They are like the bastons being used by herdsmen because of the open curve on their end. Just like needles, their stability is not that exceptional, especially in areas where the terrain is pretty loose and soft, such as sand and snow. 

The V-shape and Y-shape stakes are the ones that excel in holding power. Unlike the first two stake designs, they are not prone to extra movements. This is due to the multiple beams in their bodies that resemble the shape of the letters V and Y. It made them exceptionally strong, too, especially if they are made from aluminum or titanium. 

  • Length - The length of stakes matters, too. Even if you want an ultralight stake, this doesn't mean that you can sacrifice its length as a factor. Keep in mind that the longer the stakes, the deeper they can be buried to the ground. When the pegs are latched deeply, they gain optimal holding power. 

The recommended length should not go below six inches. Don't go for short stakes as they will not give you a stable hold. 


These are the things that you need to mind whenever you want to get the best ultralight tent stakes. After all, it is not good to settle for lightweight stakes that are brittle and easy to bend. You need something functional and reliable, especially if you are heading out to tough outdoor expeditions.

I hope that you learned from this article. For other questions and suggestions, drop them in the comment section.

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