What Are The Best Brands Of Tents?

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Update: July 17, 2021
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What are the best brands of tents? 

You see, choosing tents will require you to inspect all of its essential aspects such as seasonality, capacity, architecture, and weatherproofing. Most of the time, I don't really include brand and price as among the factors that you should take into account. For me, doing so just creates bias. 

But at the same time, preferring a particular brand will simplify the selection process. After all, it is undeniable that some tent brands are notable for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. Their tents often pose as the optimal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for tents that constantly use and abuse. The only drawback that they have is that they are costlier than their counterparts. But if the price is something that you can deal with, these branded tents are worth investing in. 

Learn the top tent brands that you should check whenever you are looking for tents in your next adventure.

The Best Brands Of Tents (As Of Today)


MSR, or the shortened term for Mountain Safety Research, is an impeccable manufacturer of outdoor tents. It specializes in the construction of mountaineering tents. Its journey started in 1969 but not as a tent manufacturer but a newsletter dedicated to mountaineers and climbing enthusiasts. Years go by, the management of the MSR decided that they want to contribute more in the aspect of improving the quality and safety of tents. With the help of its readers and patronizers, MSR was able to take their knowledge into test--assessing tents and gauging their performance on the field. That basically started the MSR. Now, the brand has a wide array of tent collections. You can get 3-season to 4-season tents from this manufacturer, and you will not regret any single one of them. 

The performance of the MSR tents is notable when you put them in harsh and difficult conditions. They are constructed to withstand the elements--even the harshest ones. Their tents are incredibly sturdy, and their architecture is optimized to ensure that they can withstand abuse and consistent use. By the way, the parent company of MSR is Cascade Designs; it is a company that specializes in outdoor equipment, too.

Here are some of the most notable tents from MSR:

Nemo Equipment

The Nemo Equipment, or Nemo for short, is another impeccable tent brand. It was established in 2002 by Cam Brensinger. He got the idea of developing ultra-rugged and weather-resistant tents after countless trips to harsh terrains and environments, such as Mount Washington in New Hampshire. After the founding of Nemo, the company has been able to assemble a number of tents for different applications. Specifically, the brand excels in backpacking tents, 4-season tents, and other standard 3-season and 3- 4-season tents. 

Furthermore, the tents of Nemo are known for their lightweight construction. You wouldn't have any difficulties in bringing them to your expeditions. The tents are also easy to pitch, spacious, and rugged enough to withstand erratic and challenging weather conditions.

Here are some of Nemo's best offerings:


It's not difficult to place Marmot on this list. After all, these tents are widely used by campers and backpackers on their backcountry and mountaineering expeditions. While it is true that the tents of these brands are not as light as the tents from Nemo or Big Agnes, they are still awesome as compared to run-of-the-mill tents. 

Marmot has humble beginnings, similar to other tent brands here. It was founded by two students in the 1970s, specifically in the frigid Alaskan regions. Over the years, Marmot has established its rapport in the outdoor market because of its innovative combination of high-quality materials and ergonomic technologies. Needless to say, the tents are durable, roomy, and within the reach of your wallet. 

Marmot has a number of unique tents, such as the Limelight, which is a hybrid of backpacking and car camping tents. When placed side-by-side with other tents manufacturers here, you can guarantee that Marmot won't be overshadowed. 

Check the following Marmot tents:

Big Agnes

Big Agnes is not a new face in the tent market. It is one of those credible tent brands that cater to various price categories. Regardless of your financial capacity, this brand has something to offer for you. 

Big Agnes has a base at the Colorado Rockies. Specifically, the brand specializes in the creation of lightweight outdoor shelters. A proof of the Copper Spur models that this manufacturer has released. Ever since these tents became available in the market, many hobbyists and serious campers are trying to get their hands on them. Furthermore, Big Agnes also has a plethora of backpacking tents that hit the spot for versatility, functionality, and durability. Living testaments to these tents are the Fly Creek and Tiger Wall series. 

Most Big Agnes tents are designed to excel in 3-season applications. They are great provisions on sunny, off-the-grid adventures. Of course, this is a subtle way of saying that the fabrics and infrastructure used on Big Agnes tents are not on the same level as other tent brands. But other than that, you'll enjoy your stay in any of this brand's tents. 

Check the following opuses from Big Agnes:

REI Co-op

I honestly believe that this list wouldn't be complete without the REI Co-op. In the United States, this brand is a beloved choice of many outdoor goers. And even those who are from other countries know the quality of this manufacturer. REI has a number of tents, and most of them focus on style, usage, and value. In short, the tents coming from REI can easily match the competition in the tent market without the need for you to worry about your bank account. But at the same time, you can guarantee that the quality of its tents is not compromised.

In addition, REI Co-op is a prominent provider of spacious and highly livable tents. Their 4-person tents, for instance, have a generous interior space, allowing people to stay there without feeling any restrictions. This is due to the near-vertical wall innovation that REI implemented in their tents. Moreover, this tent maker also focuses on the finesse of its frame and fabric materials. You can guarantee that they are tough and last long in service.

However, keep in mind that REI Co-op tents are relatively heavier than most of their lightweight counterparts. But recently, we have seen changes on this matter. Proof of that is the Half Dome SL+ tent, which only weighs roughly 13 pounds for its 2-person version. Of course, you can also explore some of REI's opuses, such as the Passage Series, Kingdom, and Base Camp. 

Here are some of the noteworthy REI Co-op Tents:

Mountain Hardwear

It's not a surprise that Mountain Hardwear has been a constant pick of many die-hard outdoor enthusiasts. After all, this brand is a premier maker of mountaineering and backpacking tents. The quality of their tents is designed to tackle the harsh environment. In fact, a number of Mt. Everest expeditions feature trailblazers carrying Mountain Hardwear tents. That alone proves the impeccable construction of the brand's tents.

There are several exceptional Mountain Hardwear tents. A prime example of these tents is the Mountain Hardwear EV2, which was designed by Ed Viesturs and other pioneering designers from the company. If you are not familiar with Ed, he is the first American to ascend all fourteen 8,000-meter peaks in the world. Again, that's a testament that this brand focuses on ensuring the protection and comfort of its users amidst the seemingly abject surroundings. 

If you are searching for a stellar brand for high-altitude expeditions, you should never hesitate to proceed to Mountain Hardwear. This maker does not lack anything--from the highly durable poles and fabric down to the exceptionally insulated interiors. 

Here are some of the tents from this manufacturer that you should see:


Coleman is not just a household name in the tent market but also in other outdoor equipment and utilities. Well, it is a famous brand for offering cheap alternatives to the usually expensive gear. If you are looking for entry-level tents, then Coleman is the way to go. Needless to say, the quality of their tents is not on par with the other tents that I've featured here. 

Because Coleman focuses on the budget-friendly category, many starting outdoor explorers and campers tend to use their tents. And that's alright. After all, Coleman tents are fairly decent, especially for 3-season use. While I don't recommend that you take their tents on mountaineering and backcountry pursuits, you can always bring their shelters to campsites and other established destinations. The price attached to their tents is difficult to resist; they are an excellent option if you think that you'll just remain a simple weekend warrior. 

One of the popular tents that Coleman produced is the Sundome Series. But they have other alluring creations that you might want to check out.

The North Face

Many ears would tingle once The North Face is mentioned. There's a certain magic and hype to this brand that even those who are not into outdoor adventures have the desire to purchase their goods and products. 

However, many people don't know The North Face was not originally made to make people look cool and flashy. Instead, The North Face was established to give backpackers and campers the home they need on mountainous travels and challenging, off-the-grid expeditions. In fact, their tents are tailored to survive the abject alpine weather and environment. Most of the brand's tents, such as their dome tents, are a common sight in high-altitude camps. 

Perhaps, one of the most notable tents from The North Face is the highly revered Mountain 25. Throughout the years of its existence, Mountain 25 has helped mountaineers and outdoor explorers survive inhabitable places throughout the globe. If you want the best 4-season tent right from the get-go, you'll never go wrong with the Mountain 25. The only peeve that I have with this brand is that it failed to vary its products. Well, it is not actually an issue, but I would really want North Face tents on simple leisure trips. 

Regardless, here are some of the most popular tents from The North Face.


Kelty isn't actually the most renowned tent brand out there. But definitely, this tent maker has proven its worth from time to time. You will really want a Kelty tent if you are looking for cost-efficient alternatives for backpacking and camping purposes. 

Based in Colorado, Kelty offers a decent selection of entry-level outdoor tents. Most of their tents are designed for 3-season and 3- 4-season applications, which is already suitable for the typical backpackers and campers. Kelty tents are also great for weekend trips to the beach, lake, or forest. Your family can enjoy basking under the majestic view while staying inside any of their tents. They feature detachable rainfly and heavy-duty mesh panels on the windows, doors, and walls. 

If you want to give Kelty a try, start with the following options first:

In Summary

What are the best brands of tents?

Well, the answer to this question is still difficult to establish solidly. After all, the market changes from time to time. Furthermore, each of us has our respective preferences. Even the list that I've made here is just my personal assessment and not really the collective vote of various outdoor enthusiasts. However, I am still confident that these brands will not fail you.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to send your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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