7 Best Folding / Portable Hammocks

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Update: August 16, 2021
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The best folding / portable hammock is a must-have amenity if you want to take your sleeping bag and not much else on vacation or excursion in the wilderness. Camping in a folding hammock can be very comfortable, especially as most of the time, you won't be using your tent. 

You may prefer camping in a hammock because it allows for more air space and ventilation.  This can be a huge advantage if you don't like to get sweaty at night in your sleeping bag.

So, are you ready to find the ideal folding / portable hammock for you? The following selection should give you a good jump start!

7 Best Folding / Portable Hammocks

 Hammock FabricCapacity
Vivere Double Cotton Hammock Cotton450 pounds
Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks Nylon400 pounds / 500 pounds
ENO SingleNest Hammock Nylon taffeta400 pounds
ENO Leave No Trace DoubleNest Hammock Nylon taffeta400 pounds
Kammok Roo Double Hammock Gravitas diamond nylon500 pounds
Covacure Camping Hammock Parachute nylon772 pounds
Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE Folding Hammock Nylon 250 pounds

1. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock 


The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is a beloved option for many campers and outdoor goers who want to experience the wonders of Mother Nature. With this hammock, you will be able to choose whichever location you want to place it. After all, there's no need for you to bind it to trees. Again, if your camping area is distant from trees, canopies, and boulders, this hammock will perfectly suit you. Furthermore, the entire hammock stan is compact and lightweight. Hence, it is a good choice for beachgoers and tailgate enthusiasts. 

The hammock has been tailored from tightly woven cotton threads, making it extra durable and rugged. Meanwhile, the stand is constructed from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel. In fact, you can assemble this platform in just a couple of minutes without the use of any tools. The hammock strings are made from sturdy polyester so that it doesn't break easily. The hammock itself is large enough to accommodate up to two people at once!


  • Hammock material - Cotton / polyester
  • Stand material - Powder-coated steel
  • Stand length - 9 feet
  • Hammock length - 130 inches
  • Capacity - 450 pounds

2. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks


You don't really need hammocks with stands so that you can experience the convenience that portability brings. A plug-and-play should also give you the same riveting experience, and that's what the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks can provide you. This hammock is packable and lightweight; it only weighs roughly 24 ounces and can fold as small as a rolled towel. The single version of this hammock has a size of 9 feet x 4.5 feet, which is perfect for single-person use. Meanwhile, the double hammock has a measurement of 10 feet x 6.5 feet and is capable of supporting two people. 

Setup is not a problem for this particular hammock. It got 9-foot long straps and carabiners. It also has five separate loops for height adjustment. Keep in mind that the double hammock model of this unit can hold up to 500 pounds of weight, while 400 pounds for the single version. It owed its added durability to the fact that it is tailored from parachute nylon with triple interlocked stitches. 


  • Hammock material - Nylon
  • Length - 9 feet / 10 feet
  • Capacity - 400 pounds / 500 pounds
  • Capacity (number of people) - 1-person / 2-person
  • Height adjustment - Available

3. ENO SingleNest Hammock


For expeditions to far-away destinations, the ENO SingleNest Hammock should give you the convenience that you need. It serves as an excellent portable backcountry hammock that offers sufficient comfort and defense against the elements. You can pack it down to the size of a softball, which makes it extra easy to carry. Its travel-friendly design makes it an ideal companion for ultralight backpackers and campers.

And just because it is compact and lightweight doesn't mean that it is flimsy. After all, the fabric of this hammock is tailored from high-strength nylon with triple interlocking stitches. There's a guarantee that it can hold to constant use, regardless of how rugged the external conditions are. It also includes durable aluminum carabiners that you can attach to any anchor point; these carabiners are also compatible with various suspension systems for hammocks. The carrying capacity of the SingleNest Hammock is 400 pounds, which is ample enough for single-person use. 


  • Hammock material - Nylon taffeta
  • Length - 9.3 feet
  • Capacity - 400 pounds 
  • Capacity (number of people) - 1-person 
  • Height adjustment - None

4. ENO Leave No Trace DoubleNest Hammock


If you are a practitioner of the Leave No Trace principles, then you should check out the ENO DoubleNest Hammock. Well, the reason for this is simple. Every time this hammock is sold, ENO gives a part of the proceeds to the Leave No Trace organization to fund its efforts to preserve nature and teach people how to become responsible folks while in the outdoors. But apart from that reason, this double hammock is also an exceptional portable bed due to its lightweight and packable construction. 

In fact, the packing size of this hammock is as small as a grapefruit, and that's pretty impressive if we are talking about portability. Similar to the previous ENO hammock, this unit also features a nylon fabric that has triple interlocking stitching on its architecture. Such a design enables the hammock to withstand abuse and constant exposure to the elements. It also features a marine-grade line and rugged aluminum carabiners for guaranteed secure attachment to any solid platform. 


  • Hammock material - Nylon taffeta
  • Length - 9.3 feet
  • Capacity - 400 pounds 
  • Capacity (number of people) - 2-person 
  • Height adjustment - None

5. Kammok Roo Double Hammock


Solid and lightweight. These two words are the perfect descriptions that I can give to Kammok Roo Double Hammock. Its architecture is rugged enough to support two adult-size sleepers; it has a capacity of 500 pounds and provides enough stretching space for its users. The entire hammock is crafted from a 40-denier silky Gravitas diamond nylon. It is not just comfortable but sturdy enough to protect itself from physical deterioration due to constant use. Of course, it is impervious to ripping and tearing. 

Furthermore, the fabric is breathable. During warm nights, it prevents you from sweating excessively. And even if it is exposed to humidity, the fabric doesn't stay wet for too long, thanks to its quick-drying capabilities. Interestingly, the fabric has been factory treated to reduce wrinkles on its surface. The said treatment also improves its overall softness and compactness. If that's enough, let me inform you that this hammock has anti-UV treatment, too, so that its color won't fade when exposed to the heat of the sun. 


  • Hammock material - Gravitas diamond nylon
  • Length - 10 feet
  • Capacity - 500 pounds 
  • Capacity (number of people) - 2-person 
  • Height adjustment - None

6. Covacure Camping Hammock 


The Covacure Camping Hammock presents itself as an affordable yet durable option for a portable hammock. This unit has a hammock made from ultra-strong parachute nylon material that is seemingly imperious against the casual wear-and-tear process. It is also breathable too. I've noticed that this hammock also dries quickly, which is advantageous if you are sleeping in humid and wet conditions. Notably, the hammock can hold up to 772 pounds of weight, which is more than enough to support up to two sleepers. 

It also offers a secure and stable attachment. After all, it got two aluminum sand pegs, nylon straps, and six adjustable loops. It lets you enjoy your outdoor stay without the worry that it would snap or topple you over. Moreover, this hammock also has a bug net on its construction. The mesh has small holes so that mosquitoes and tiny critters won't be able to breach. 


  • Hammock material - Parachute nylon
  • Length - 9.5 feet
  • Capacity - 772 pounds 
  • Capacity (number of people) - 2-person 
  • Height adjustment - Yes

7. Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE Folding Hammock


When it comes to portability and travel-worthiness, this folding hammock from Republic of Durable Goods is definitely a fantastic choice. It is a single-person hammock that provides an ultra-light construction. Specifically, this unit weighs less than 15 pounds and folds flatly so that you can transport it wherever you want to bring it. Its setup is pretty convenient, too. You can erect this one in less than a minute; it is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. You can also use it for backyard picnics and parties. 

Since it has its own body, you don't need to attach this hammock to trees anymore. Ropes and carabiners are no longer necessary, too. Even if you are on the edge of a cliff or in the middle of vast grassland, this hammock will serve as your perfect bed. The versatility of this hammock is also seen by its convertible nature. You see, you can fold it to become a chair, which you can use for leisure purposes such as reading a book, enjoying the scenery, or drinking your favorite beverages.


  • Hammock material - Nylon
  • Length - 5 feet
  • Capacity - 250 pounds 
  • Capacity (number of people) - 1-person 
  • Height adjustment - None

Why Choose A Hammock?

Hammocks have many benefits over other forms of relaxation beds. The first obvious benefit is their portability. They are easy to carry with you on trips and can be set up anywhere there are two trees close enough together or a sturdy beam (for those in apartments). Another benefit is how comfortable hammocks are. It's hard to describe the comfort until you lay in one yourself, but it makes a good substitute for a bed.

Hammocks come in many different styles and brands, which can make choosing one difficult. Prices range from inexpensive ones costing less than $20 up to luxury models that cost over $300. 

How To Choose The Best Folding / Portable Hammock

Hammocks have seen a recent surge in popularity. With more companies offering hammocks for sale than ever before, it is no surprise that people are trying this comfortable new form of relaxation. This guide will go over how to choose the right hammock, what makes them different from other styles of beds, and why you should choose a hammock for your backyard.

Below I have made a list of tips on how to choose the right hammock for you.

Size Of Hammock

There are two types of hammocks based on size: single and double. 

  • Single hammock -  This is designed for one person to sleep in. It's usually available in length of 9 feet and has a width or span between 4 or 5 feet. A single hammock can be hung from trees as well as hooks. The weight limit is around 400 pounds (one person).
  • Double hammock - This hammock type is made for two people to sleep in. It comes in a length of 11 feet or more with a width between 6 and 7 feet. Double hammocks can hold at least 400 pounds of weight and can go as high as 700 pounds as rated by manufacturers (two persons). 

Type Of Hammock Fabric

There are many hammock fabric types. You will usually find 1 of 3 main types of fabrics: cotton, nylon, or polyester. The type you select depends on your needs and preferences for comfort as well as cost-efficiency.

  • Cotton is the traditional fabric used for hammocks, and it does have some really great qualities. It's soft, breathable, cool to the touch, and very comfortable if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Cotton is also a renewable resource that grows with just one harvest in a single growing season. Although not necessarily better overall than nylon, cotton does have a few distinct advantages that make it the better choice for some people.
  • Nylon tends to be cheaper than cotton, which might be a factor when making your purchase decision. However, nylon is not as breathable and cool to the touch as cotton, so if you are looking for something with less heat retention, then you may want to look into a nylon fabric. 

Nylon is slightly more resistant to UV rays than cotton, so you may want to consider this option if you're looking for something that will last longer and hold up better under intense sunlight. However, keep in mind the polyester fabrics are not as breathable as cotton or nylon. But nylon does have one distinct advantage over cotton that might make it your fabric of choice: strength. Nylon is stronger than cotton and polyester, which means a longer life span and less chance of ripping or tearing.

  • Polyester is an artificial fiber that's made from polymer chains, but it tends to be very strong and long-lasting. It will also keep you cool in hot weather, doesn't wrinkle easily, dries quickly, and will resist mildew. However, polyester doesn't breathe as well as cotton or nylon, so it may be more difficult to keep cool in hot weather.

Hammock Suspension System

Some hammocks come with carabiners that already have adequate strength to hold the hammock hanging, but others need straps for hanging. Thinner straps may cause trees to be damaged, so make sure yours is at least 0.75 inches wide before buying it.

Since we are talking about portable and folding hammocks, you can find options that don't require these suspension systems at all. These hammocks have their own stands so that you can erect them without any solid bases such as trees. They are extremely useful if you want to use the hammock on areas that have no hanging points, such as beaches, deserts, and grass fields. 

In Summary

The best folding/portable hammocks are the best place to relax and enjoy under nice weather. Make sure you choose something that is designed for maximum comfort. Carry your hammock with straps or stands, depending on how you want to use it. 

I hope this guide has been helpful to you! Happy hammocking!

If you have questions or inquiries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!

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