7 Best Backpacking Chairs

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Update: August 17, 2021
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The best backpacking chairs are pretty valuable for giving you convenience on your trips. They enable you to rest comfortably after hours of walking or hiking. Furthermore, they ensure that you can sit correctly. If you just sit on the ground, your back is prone to aching; the absence of a backrest will make things more uncomfortable to your spine. 

You should consider these portable and travel-worthy chairs as a must-have for your backcountry and front-country adventures. They are great, long-term investments if you ask me. And if you are looking for one, you should check out the following options. 

7 Best Backpacking Chairs

 Capacity Weight
YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair Up to 300 pounds2 pounds
Tinya Ultralight Backpacking Camping Chair Up to 230 pounds1.9 pounds
MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair Up to 250 pounds2.35 pounds
Rock Cloud Portable Camping Chair Up to 265 pounds2.3 pounds
Cliq Camping Chair Up to 300 pounds3.5 pounds
MOON LENCE Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chair Up to 242 pounds2 pounds
HITORHIKE Camping Chair Up to 330 pounds2 pounds

1. YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair 


The quality of the YIZI Go Portable Camping Chair is definitely captivating. It is a desirable choice for lightweight adventures. But at the same time, it is not flimsy and weak. This two-pound chair can carry up to 300 pounds. It features a 600-denier polyester seat and backrest with a reinforced V-stitch. Meanwhile, its frame is constructed from a highly durable aluminum alloy so that it remains stable while in use. 

Of course, this camping chair is portable enough for backpacking trips. It folds compactly and fits on a 14-inch storage bag. You will be able to haul it conveniently throughout your journey. Its simple setup is also commendable; it doesn't require excessive assembly. 


  • Seat/backrest material - Polyester
  • Frame material - Aluminum alloy
  • Weight - 2.1 pounds
  • Weight capacity - Up to 300 pounds
  • Dimensions - 28 inches x 19 inches x 12 inches 

2. Tinya Ultralight Backpacking Camping Chair


You should also check out the Tinya Ultralight Backpacking Camping Chair. This one is an excellent option for ultralight applications such as backpacking. It only weighs 1.9 pounds but offers a durable and rugged construction. In fact, its seat's fabric is sturdy, too. Specifically, it uses a 900-denier, high-density Oxford cloth, which is almost impervious to wear and tear. Sitting on it feels comfortable, as well.

It is also using aluminum alloy on its frame and can lift up to 230 pounds of sitters. The said material is also impervious to rust and corrosion, so there's nothing to worry about when the elements catch it. It is also notable that its feet have rubber covers that prevent the seat from slipping on any surface. 


  • Seat/backrest material - Oxford cloth
  • Frame material - Aluminum alloy
  • Weight - 1.9 pounds
  • Weight capacity - Up to 230 pounds
  • Dimensions - 22.6 inches x 21.3 inches x 26.3 inches

3. MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair


The MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair is an innovative outdoor chair. It is known for its wide, anti-sinking feet that keep it stable and immovable while using it. The said design also prevents the chair from sinking into soft surfaces such as mud and sand. Moreover, this chair is also compact and lightweight. It only weighs 2.3 pounds and can be folded into a 14-inch x 5.2-inch stuff sack. Hence, it will never become a liability in your backpacking trips. 

With its simple aluminum frame and shock cords, this chair offers a hassle-free assembly and disassembly. Meanwhile, its ripstop nylon seat ensures that it can support up to 250 pounds of users. Given the fact that its corners have been reinforced, this chair isn't susceptible to breakages and accidental collapses. You are safe while sitting here. 


  • Seat/backrest material - Nylon
  • Frame material - Aluminum alloy
  • Weight - 2.35 pounds
  • Weight capacity - Up to 250 pounds
  • Dimensions - 14 inches x 20.8 inches x 30 inches

4. Rock Cloud Portable Camping Chair


Backpackers will definitely like the ultralight and portable construction of the Rock Cloud Portable Camping Chair. As a 2-pounder chair, you'll never have trouble bringing this to far distances. It also has a compact stuff sack that lets you carry it conveniently. Construction-wise, this backpacking chair is quite superb. It uses a 7075 aluminum alloy frame so that it can hold up to 265 pounds of weight. If that's not enough, its 900-denier Oxford seat and backrest will guarantee that you'll remain comfortable and safe. 

Similar to the MARCHWAY chair, this one has wide, anti-sinking feet. It remains afloat even in sandy and muddy terrains. Furthermore, the entire construction of this chair is weather-resistant. It is not prone to damages such as rust and corrosion. Since this seat has mesh panels, breathability and ventilation won't become an issue. 


  • Seat/backrest material - Oxford cloth
  • Frame material - Aluminum alloy
  • Weight - 2.3 pounds
  • Weight capacity - Up to 265 pounds
  • Dimensions - 23.6 inches x 21.7 inches x 26.4 inches

5. Cliq Camping Chair


The popularity of the Cliq Camping Chair has reached the backwoods due to its innovative construction and ergonomics. One of its selling points is its portability. Specifically, you can fold this chair down to the size of a small water bottle. For ultralight travels and backpacking trips, such a design is indeed beneficial. But just because it is portable doesn't mean that it is already flimsy and unstable. 

This chair has a tip-proof frame; it exhibits impeccable balance even on uneven terrains. By the way, its structure is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, so there's a guarantee that it is rugged and can resist rust and corrosion. It can also carry loads of up to 300 pounds, making it one of the most robust outdoor chairs there is as of the time of writing. 


  • Seat/backrest material - Nylon
  • Frame material - Aluminum
  • Weight - 3.5 pounds
  • Weight capacity - Up to 300 pounds
  • Dimensions - 24 inches x 24 inches x 26 inches

6. MOON LENCE Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chair


This is another backpacking chair that you should include in your list. Specifically, the MOON LENCE is a low-profile, lightweight chair capable of handling up to 242 pounds, which is quite amusing given that it is only weighing two pounds. Durability is out of the question here, as the seat is tailored from 600-denier Oxford cloth; the latter is then embedded into a rugged aluminum alloy frame. 

You'll experience comfort on this chair. Its seat is comfortable and has breathable mesh panels for ventilation. There are also side pockets integrated into its design where you can place your small essentials such as car keys and wallets. Since you can disassemble this chair into pieces, packing it compactly inside your backpack is possible. 


  • Seat/backrest material - Oxford cloth
  • Frame material - Aluminum alloy
  • Weight - 2 pounds
  • Weight capacity - Up to 242 pounds
  • Dimensions - 13.8 inches x 13.8 inches x 25.6 inches

7. HITORHIKE Camping Chair


If you find yourself heavy and bulky, I recommend the HITORHIKE Camping Chair. This one has a weight capacity of 330 pounds and offers a wide seat and backrest so that you fit as comfortably as possible. It is using an ultralight but durable aluminum frame so that it can support your load efficiently. Meanwhile, its ripstop nylon is combined with a large mesh panel for guaranteed ventilation. Folding and unfolding the chair is pretty easy, too, due to its simple assembly. You don't need to spend too much time on its setup!

Side pockets are also integrated on its seat. Hence, you have dedicated spaces for your phone, keys, water bottles, and other small essentials. The feet of this chair have anti-skid rubber covers so that it remains stable regardless of the terrain you are in.


  • Seat/backrest material - Nylon
  • Frame material - Aluminum 
  • Weight - 2 pounds
  • Weight capacity - Up to 330 pounds
  • Dimensions - 22 inches x 19.6 inches x 27.5 inches

How To Choose The Best Backpacking Chairs

Backpacking chairs come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes; it can be difficult to choose one that is comfortable and durable enough for your specific needs. The first step toward finding a great backpacking chair is realizing what you are looking for.


The most important feature to look for in a backpack chair is comfort. Luckily, backpacking chairs are made with the specific goal of providing maximum comfort while minimizing bulk and weight. The three key aspects of choosing a comfortable backpacking chair are size, padding, and support from the ground.

If you are going to be traveling around every day in your chair, you will want to be sure that it is also comfortable for long periods of sitting. This means finding a chair with enough padding to minimize pressure points from the ground and back support so that you do not have to lean forward or put your hands on your knees in order to sit comfortably for a while.

If you are only going to be using your chair for setting up camp at night or reading around a fire, you can save weight and packability by choosing a smaller backpacking chair that is not as comfortable but still provides enough support to sit in for long periods of time.

Weight Capacity

As a general rule, the heavier your chair is, the more durable it will be. If you are using a backpacking chair that is less than 3 pounds, you should consider durability to be very important as some lighter chairs tend to have lower-quality components and frames; this means a shorter lifespan for your chair.

It is recommended that you choose a backpacking chair that is durable enough to support at least 200 pounds of weight. It doesn't matter if the chair is light as long as its frame is constructed from aluminum alloy or titanium. These materials tend to exhibit durability minus the bulkiness and load.

Steel frames are great, but they do add to the weight of the chair.


The seat and backrest of the chair should be considered, too. If you are willing to sacrifice some comfort in order to cut down on the weight of your chair, you can get away with a mesh seat that provides little cushioning. However, if you want something more comfortable, look for one with an adjustable elastic back and deep padding on the seat.


No matter what type of ground you are on, whether it is sloped hillsides or rocky terrain, or grassy fields, your backpacking chair should provide you with plenty of stability. If your chair is not stable enough to remain upright on uneven ground, the discomfort that you experience while sitting will be greatly increased.

If your chair has small legs and does not have the option of putting something underneath it to add height or stability, it might be worth choosing a different chair. On hard surfaces like asphalt in parking lots, an unstable chair can be dangerous because it will slide if you are not holding onto the chair.

Lightweight backpacking chairs need to have reliable feet or other options for getting off the ground. They cannot weigh enough to completely sink into waterlogged dirt, sand, or deep grass; they also cannot weigh enough that your weight is too much for them to lift off of the ground.


Not surprisingly, a backpacking chair that has many features is both more expensive and heavier than one with few or no special features.

  • You should definitely choose a backpack camping chair that has a cup holder if you plan on using it in your backyard, at an outdoor concert, or any other place away from the trail. Having a cup holder can minimize the need to balance your drink on your lap or carry it in one hand when you go to stand up and walk around; it will also protect your drink from getting spilled everywhere by keeping it upright while you are moving around.
  • It is nice if your chair has a cover that you can use to make your chair waterproof or protect it from dirt and sun; however, if you plan on using your chair only in good weather, this feature may not be necessary.
  • A storage pouch is great for storing your cell phone, keys, or other small items, so they are within easy reach but out of the way while you are using your backpacking chair to sit down or eat; it is a nice luxury to have if you are wearing hiking shorts but can be omitted without sacrificing anything on the trail.

In Summary

The best backpacking chairs will give you the convenience that you deserve after hiking or trekking for long hours. They enable you to relax and rest comfortably without having to dirty your clothes. Furthermore, these chairs ensure that you sit correctly, effectively preventing backaches and other discomforts. You don't want to experience these nuisances whenever you are backpacking.

That's it for now. If you have other related inquiries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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